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Thursday, October 30, 2003
MilitaryMark writes: Now I am wrong on two fronts

From the artist formerly know as MilitaryMark:

”Jason, I wanted to first thank you for giving LTC Orlando mention and respect, he died with honor, and you showed him that when you didn't have to.

I have re-looked at the nuke plan and realize it is not doable. Now try, if your can forgive for me buying the German car, a shot at this proposal.

We need to disarm Pakistan. I know it can be done (from experience), and it would not take a large number of men, maybe 75 operators {delta, seals, special forces, rangers as fire support} and about 20 helos from the 160th special operations aviators regiment who are already mostly stationed in Afghanistan.

Letting them have nukes is like the fat kid that would throw rocks at anyone and had no friends (in Pakistan’s case other then god) getting a rocket launcher. He would use it. Your right about the devastation we would cause neighboring countries, but if they launch even one on India, guess who's going to fire back?

I think that India is a mature enough country to maintain a nukes program, and I almost sort of trust India to handle a nukes program; If our spooks had secret talks with India in which they declared they would not invade, I think a surgical strike would be very easy (as far as surgical strikes go) and would put to rest the situation. We could then have them governed and watched over by the useless UN and continue operations into Pakistan where we know Osama is in protective hiding.

One way or another we need to start using more violence of action in the hillsides of Pakistan. The fighting in Afghanistan is just a ruse to keep us from our intended target. I have fought there; they run and shoot, if they are slow they die; if they are quick they live. They don't even aim half the time unless it’s an organized ambush in which case they almost always end up dying themselves. We are better-trained then even Osama's guards, but we need to get to him to bring the trophy home. It would not hurt the election either, as we know that he masterminded the death of 3000 Americans.


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