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Monday, October 20, 2003
M's new Name

M, I shed the single letter name as I think you should - for now we will call you Monsieur.

Okay, I'll pick the MD First Lady. My heart is with her but my mind knows that she knows better. She was expressing frustration at the entertainment medium because we all at times feel powerless to do anything about it. It can have such a positive or negative effect on our children.

Let's remember that her audience are 'tweens (kids, mostly girls, between 6 and 12). Britney Spears sets a terrible example for this group. I'm sure it is a nightmare to control this flow to your kids. The entertainer got in the door by singing songs that were fine. But then she dropped off in popularity and felt desparate to try something risque. Her latest is a semi-nude pictorial and the girl is HOT. But, I'm not her audience, little girls just out of diapers are.

So yes, I understand Ehrlich's comments and sympathize with her. She spoke what was on her mind. As an office-holder's wife she should be more reserved.

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