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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
One more time (perhaps) from MilitaryMark

”I explained in my slightly long post the reasons that we should decimate the people of Pakistan. They have nukes, they hate us, their schools teach hatred against the US, Osama Bin Laden is there, and the young schoolboys want to follow him when they grow up. I suggest that we do not let them grow up, I suggest we turn every living sole in that horrible country into dust or well burned debris.

To answer a few points from various responders, there is no such thing as a tactical nuclear weapon; they all have a mile capability of destruction, and miles after that of slow painful death. Why should we put more of our troops into an anti-western country when the results will be nil? Let’s face it, as far as countries like Pakistan go, if the squishes have it, it would be another Vietnam. Now if we had done the Christmas day bombings a little earlier and a little longer who knows what would have happened in Asia.

The nuclear (star wars) plan is designed to protect us from countries like China and North Korea, not Pakistan, they could not throw the ball that far, but if we give them enough time they will be able to; and then what, well, we nuke them. I say let’s show the world that already hates us that we mean business, we are not going to deal with terrorism, we took Iraq, lose three or four a day there, have had eleven SF deaths in Afghanistan in the past month, and there will be countless more gentleman. I just attended the memorial for my now dead neighbor LTC. Orlando. It was fun, and it’s not the first or last that I am going to have to attend. I pray my wife is not the subject of one.

These people will figure out a way (they hijacked four god darn planes simultaneously for the lords sake) to get their nuke into our country, and then we will have a destroyed economy, panicked people, more then likely no New York (no Yankees might be the only benefit), we will have cash shortages, electrical outages, water plants stopping, a shortage of food...

I have killed. I don't like doing it, but in this case I see it as a preemptive strike against a nation that plans on harming us, Pakistan is where al queda breeds, we must make them sterile, and show the world that the claws on our eagle sometimes fly down and pick up a piece of dirt and remove it, I think it was Kennedy who made our bird carry the olive leaf in one claw, well its time she drops it, maybe over France.”

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