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Friday, October 03, 2003
A Plethora of New Material from MilitaryMark…

On the Gambling issue, MilitaryMark writes:

“I think that gambling is a wonderful activity, and the more a state’s people gamble the better. Did you know that the majority of regular gamblers also smoke and drink, I mean, what more can a city or state ask for; they get the taxes from the winners and losers, they get the tax from the smokes, then the settlements from the lawsuits against Phillip Morris and the gang, then they get the taxes from the booze, the house never loses, and the house is the State. That’s why they call it the state house.”

And this:

“Another great thing about the gaming industry is the guilt, and because of this guilt the profits are always sold as a charity; i.e. the profits go to fund the schools. This may be true, but in my warped mindset I also see gentrification helping the schools, I mean it raises the property value and taxes, and the results are better schools, so it helps the schools right?

It’s funny that the same people who will argue for a lottery will also argue against changing the tax bracket of a neighborhood. Those people, who like the idea of a free lunch, and who probably have many on us, also want the poor to follow pipe dreams and spend there family’s fortunes, or at least what could be a fortune, in the pursuit of quick riches. Its ok though you see, because the money the family wastes on the numbers is given back to them by contributions to the local school system, well sort of...

You see, the money does not stay in the neighborhood, it’s spread out around the state, if it did stay in the locality of the purchase, then we would have a lot of five star boarding schools in the ghetto. I haven't seen one yet, but then again, I stay out of those areas.”

On the “Morality Issue” in general, MilitaryMark writes:

” SO, if its alright to gamble, why can't you pay for sex. I thought that women were supposed to have a right to choose (although I'm against abortion even if it’s rape or incest, and yes even if its my wife). Well why don't states start letting them choose to sell what they rightfully own, and then tax it to help the school system. We already have (I’m assuming) massage parlors and escorts readily available, but the escorts are not paying, and the massage parlors are just paying property taxes, and license & income taxes, what about a hand job tax, or a fellatio tax, how about a huge massage tax for non-licensed providers? Lets all go to hell in a bucket, but let’s make sure we are making money on the way down. Remember, it's O.K. if we do it for the kids.”

And this:

”So now we will have gamblers, hookers, johns, and its all for the kids so its ok, but who are we forgetting? Yeah, the junkies. Hell they have money, or at least they know how to get it right? Well shoot lets tax ‘em! That’s right legalized drugs are next. All you have to do is go to your local head shop and purchase what you need, at a 40% tax of course. The addict gets there fix (or sells it to a kid asking outside the store), the house gets their money, and the kids get new carpeting at the local pre-K, its good for everyone man!

Has anyone in here ever heard of a precedent? How about a bad precedent? That is all.”

Except that wasn’t all, finally MilitaryMark writes the following in response to Mister M’s post on Energy:

” Your energy post was one of the most important that I have ever read on this site, I salute you.

When I lived in Washington state I always thought the nuclear power plants were quite beautiful, I think they accented the terrain quite well. They looked attractive and important: and they are. Would it help in getting by the red tape if our country made these energy sites look as important as they are; I don't suggest idol worship, but to spend a few million more to make what would otherwise be an eyesore into a tourist attraction, to show the outsiders how "we" make our cities run, to instill pride into what would otherwise be ignored, the idea seems to me to be one that has been unexplored. The libs want progress in energy (as many of us do too), but they don't want it in their backyard, but they do love art, architecture, animals, and all that is girly. So how about making it look pretty, really pretty. What if the statue of liberty pumped natural gas, would people lose interest? No. Build it, and they will come, soon the precious population of the finger lakes will giggle with pride as they watch the middle class take the tour ferries out to the power plant.”

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