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Friday, October 17, 2003
Re: Axis of Evil

I don’t want to spend too much time on this. Now that the baseball season is over I’d just like to move on and get back to work. However, I will say the following:

1. Sip, I don’t care that you’re a Yankee fan, but you can not “like both the Red Sox and the Yankees.” These two feelings are incompatible. To make such a statement exposes your lack of understanding of what it means to be a fan of either team. I hereby downgrade all of your opinions on Sports related matters.

2. It’s almost Noon already, why hasn’t Grady Little been fired yet?

3. I’m not kidding, this guy has an IQ somewhere just south of Alec Baldwin. If five million dummies in front of their living room TVs knew it, if the announcers knew it, if my six year old son knew it, how did Grady Little not know that Pedro was done? Has he been watching a different team than I was all season. Pedro threw his first 95mph fast-ball in the back half of the seventh inning. All season, he hasn’t reached back for the 95-96mph stuff until he was done, until he was late in a game, in a jam and needed to get out of this one last inning. He did that in the seventh. He reached back, he got out of trouble, he walked off the mound into the dug out and Nomar gave him a hug. Nomar knew he was done. Pedro never should have been sent out there for the eighth, and I told guys in four states that - before any of the trouble started. It was obvious. But he did, and Pedro got into trouble. So why do you have two guys throwing the bullpen? Isn’t it in case the guy on the mound gets into trouble? Grady left him to die out there. He left us all to die out there. And then when he finally goes out there, he asks Pedro if he’s good to stay in? What the hell did think he was gonna say?

4. That was not Pedro’s fault, it wasn't Wakefield's fault, it wasn’t a Jeter-Matsui-Posada-Boone miracle, there’s no fan to blame, that wasn’t the curse of the Bambino, it was the curse of the dumbo. Curse him.

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