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Friday, October 17, 2003
Re: Axis of Evil
Jason – I’m not going to needle you about the baseball game last night. However, your assertion that I can not be a fan of both teams is false. I’ve been a Yankees fan growing up, yet always kept my eye on the Red Sox. I was always glad when either team did well. Then when I moved to Boston – and lived two blocks from Fenway Park – I followed the Sox very closely. And watching Mo on 1st, Rocket on the mound, and Jose in the field made me a Boston fan #1, New York fan #2. I’m also very current on the histories of the two teams….maybe just not as emotionally attached.

Anyhow, I was 100% pulling for the Red Sox last night, and now I’ll be 100% pulling for the Yankees in the Series.

By the way, you may not want to downgrade my opinion on Sports related matters….after all, I’m beating you (and everyone else) in the SCG football contest.

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