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Saturday, October 04, 2003
Re: CA; Endorsements; Energy; Misc.

To all of our faithful readers - I am the only, ONLY SCG would supported the President during the last Presidential Primary. Granted, there was a lot more at stake for me, for reasons we won't get into - but, the others have now been outted, and going forward you can always consider their endorsement comments and recommendations through that filter.

Like many, I would endorse McClintock because of his conservative principles. Unfortunately, he cannot win. I would almost rather leave him in, weakened, and hope the GOP gets its act together out there, and beat him AND his party with a real candidate.

The whole recall situation disgusts me. While in one sense, it appeals to a very libertarian, democratic (small d), side of me - the other side of me is disgusted on many fronts:

- This still doesn't force the CA GOP to get its act together. They shouldn't get a "do-over" because they so badly screwed up the last election vs. Davis.

- The CA people should have to live with their choice. I'm sick of the whining, sniveling, ignorant populace of this country. Don't like the candidate? Shoulda voted against him! Don't like the choice of candidates that the party structure put up? Get involved! Run yourself!

- What happens next? How does this bode for Arnold in a re-elect?

- CA in the national political scene. Would it have been better for the President and the national GOP to have a weakened Davis, or a weakened Democrat party, and a disenfranchised voting populace in CA instead of Arnold leading the charge for us in CA?

When I form my own Island Nation (this is in the works and will be a continuing topic of discussion going forward!) there will be no recall elections. There will be a constitutional monarchy, with me as Grand Pubah. More to come.

Recall - No!!! Therefore - no vote for me!

More endorsements and stock tip: Buy IBM stock (go blue right other SCG!); and I endorse New Balance sneakers. You know, for years you couldn't get sneakers in widths. Then New Balance had the great idea to go after this market, made sneakers in widths, and helped all of those of us with fat feet. For that reason, I endorse New Balance Sneakers. I also endorse Bison French Onion Chip Dip (ahhhhhhh - coming back from the temporary food-like dream coma) and Labatt Blue Beer (also known as Mother's Milk) - none of that whimpy, light beer stuff for me.

Marc - thanks for the ideas on using energy facilities for public tourism. Kind of like Hoover Dam. Did you know that we can rarely build dams anymore in this country. Greenies don't like them. One more power source off the table. On nuclear energy, there hasn't been a plant built in this country in over thirty years. The Bush administration and some in Congress are trying to address this through streamlining processes, and providing other incentives. There was very little incentive to invest in this industry for years, even though technology globally has improved, because of the huge up front investment in the plants and the waste problem. Give Bush credit for getting Yucca Mountain, NV opened up as the waste repository - this will put the sixty years of nuke waste spread around the country that is both unsafe and unhealthy.

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