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Friday, October 03, 2003
RE: California

I think you guys are misreading the CA recall issue. Voting 'no' on the recall does not mean you disagree with the recall process. This process is beyond the point of disagreeing with it. But if Californians still disagree with it, then they have should stay home.

The recall election is about whether or not Californians want to keep Davis or not. Hey, I think it's silly too but it's the law in California. The voters will decide this. The other vote is to decide who should replace him. I'm no mathematician but it looks like Arnold, the Republican, has a lead over the field. McClintock will not win this race. Voting for him is futile.

And please don't ever say things like it would be better to have Bustamante in office to kick him around. Never give the opposition the ball. That doesn't make any sense.

To recap:

Recall Davis: Yes or No. I vote Yes.
Elect a Candidate: Arnold.

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