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Friday, October 03, 2003
Re: California

If I'm McClintock, I know that Arnold isn't dropping out. I think I wait for the weekend to see what happens. If I'm still in third place even with the most favorable samples of internal polls on Sunday night, I think I try and cut a deal.

I call Arnold on Sunday night and tell him that I'll drop out and publicly endorse him but that I'll be filing to run against Feinstein. And that Arnold will publicly, privately and enthusiatically support me and help me raise $50 million.

This keeps conservatives voting for Arnold.

Bush has a GOPer (nominal though he may be) as Gov. during the campaign, California is marginally better off than they would be with CrustaDavis in office, and a conservative has a shot at taking out that ChiCom loving leftists Feinstein.

Fantasy? Sure. But one can always hope...

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