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Friday, October 03, 2003
RE: California

I’m for McClintock. Tom wrote a good proposal regarding a deal that could be made, but I’d vote NO on the recall, and for McClintock for Governor.

1. People should be educated about the candidates before the election - and living with the results of their collective choice.

2. I can't get excited about Arnold. He's socially liberal, fiscally undefined (he doesn't take solid stances - in no way is he a fiscal conservative).

3. McClintock is a solid conservative who will so what’s right fiscally for the state. While Arnold is a republican, while I don’t think he’ll be a mere sock puppet, I believe the democrats Sacramento won’t work with him at all. When McClintock draws a line in the sand, people will notice, Sacramento will believe him, and people will genuinely regard his tough-love as the solutions to California’s problems.

4. God forbid if Bustamente wins, but he'd be another Davis. While I don’t think this will be much of a victory for California democrats, it will give republicans a target to kick around for the next three years, and hopefully lay the foundation for the next governor’s race, as well as positioning the GOP to take a lot of seats in the statehouse.

My endorsement vote is for McClintock.

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