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Friday, October 24, 2003
Re: Dr. Strangelove

Wow. MilitaryMark makes me look like a squish.

It's ridiculous to even talk about nuking an entire country in a pre-emptive strike, that's what makes us different, and morally superior to them.

Yes, Pakistan is a bad, bad place with bad, bad people. And they've got nukes and will use them one of these days. Or may give one to a terrorist.

Should we attempt to "check" Pakistan, you're damn skippy we should, but nuke the entire country?

I was the first one to say on 9-11 that we should immediately use tactical nuclear weapons in Afghanistan and anywhere else that was connected to the attacks. Still believe that.

But we don't go around launching our strategic missiles all willy nilly. That wouldn't be justified by the threat let alone moral.

Mack's right on this, you can't throw the baby out with the bath water, and launching a full-scale nuclear attack on Pakistan would not only cause the death of hundres of thousands if not millions of innocent people -- even if they hate us, if they aren't shooting us they don't deserve to be vaporized -- to die. And the global instability that would result. Hay Carumba.

I say fight the terrorists hard. Pre-emptively attack -- like in Iraq -- if necessary. Remain vigilant at home -- sealing the borders. Hit back hard, with low-yield tactical nukes if absolutely necessary to get the job done, after an attack or attempted attack on the U.S. or U.S. assets.

And most of all, build and deploy a damn missile defense system immediately.

Unitl it's ready, modify some of our missile systems with low-yield (1 kiloton) nukes and internet our various radar systems to protect the homeland and our forward deployed troops (and allies I guess) from a nuclear, chem or bio missile attack. The way it would work is this: if a missile is coming in, we launch our defensive missile and detonate it in the air destroying incoming warhead -- the future technology is really like hitting a bullet w/ a bullet, this is more like hitting a bullet w/ the side of a barn. The Soviets developed such a system -- and still have it today -- 25 or 30 years ago (in direct violation of the ABM Treaty, but that's another story). We should do the same today.

Do all of these things. But don't nuke an entire country. That's insane.

That said, I could be persuaded very easily to demonstrate our resolving w/ a small, tactical nuke against a military target to demonstrate our resolve, commitment and itchy trigger finger.

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