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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
RE: Gambling Again...

I like to gamble. I don’t do it often at all (nor often enough), but I don’t think it’s immoral at face value.

However, I think it’s immoral for the government to be in the gambling business. Maybe it would be one thing if there was an even distribution of gamblers among the classes, but the majority of gamblers are people from the lower end of the income spectrum who can’t afford it. Some states claim that the revenue goes for education, etc. It seems money earmarked for specific causes never send 100% of the funds there.

Another example of the immoral explosion of gambling is the Indians. As detailed in a good Lowry article, Indian gambling is an ill-disguised scam. Some tribes have less than 30 members…..yet can operate large casino’s. Some states have been able to get a cut – others, not.

Commercial casino’s seem to work out fine. They’re not very convenient for most people – who have to make plans to travel to one – and they pay taxes like any other business. The sovereignty of Indian tribes and their ability to run casinos would be a good discussion. However, I believe that the government has no business in a lot of things, and gambling is one of them.

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