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Thursday, October 16, 2003
Re: If you hate the excessive salaries of CEOs...

Reader John B. writes:

Like the website. I am guessing that the CEO article was posted to solicit opinions. Here is mine:

Good for Dwanye Crompton. Now, I was unable to get any information on the web about KCMC Child Development Corp. I suspect they are a firm which generates a majority of their income from government contracts (public school systems). Regardless, as an employee of a private corporation, Crompton is entitled to earn whatever his company is willing to pay. His company will pay whatever he is worth. Obviously, if HHS is reviewing the contract and officers salaries, KCMC will need to justify the costs. I would hope that HHS would apply the same types of standards as the government applies to other government contractors. As a country we need to recognize that education of our children is a priority, what kind of message is sent when we expect education related contractors to compensate their employees less than, say, a stationary contractor, because I guarantee you that if Office Depot had a substantial government contract, their employee responsible for managing the account would make a nice chunk of change.

The mere mention of Tommy Thompson's compensation is so irrelevant. Crompton makes more money than President Bush (I think GW makes roughly 250K or 300K, I may be wrong). My point is that private industry compensation (for executives) outpaces the government (executive) compensation by so much..........that is a totally different conversation. Plus, the real bonus is that Crompton is not a teacher’s union member (or at least I would hope he isn't). Anyone in the elementary education business who is not a union member gets the benefit of my doubt.

Thanks, John

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