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Thursday, October 23, 2003
RE: MilitaryMark Recommends a Gentle Prodding of Pakistan…

Military Mark,
I wholeheartedly take you at your word when you say that Pakistan is the most dangerous country on Earth. However, to level the entire country – literally saying to kill every man, woman, and child (the cities, the schools, the houses, the mountains, everything), destroy any and all infrastructure and improvements made in that country…I think is taking it a little far.

I’m all about overwhelming force, kicking ass in a disproportionate way, etc. I also believe that when looking for a needle (nukes) in a haystack, sometimes you have to just destroy the entire haystack. In this case, isn’t your idea (solution?) a little over the top?

Yes, they have nuclear weapons…mostly pointed at India, I would guess. I know I’m going to sound like one of the liberal establishment here, but if we demolish their country with nuclear weapons without a credible threat of them attacking us, won’t that completely invite other nations to use theirs (on us or Israel)?

The results of using the atomic bomb in Japan was quickly ending the war at a minimal loss of life. Yes, it killed tons and tons of people, but historians I’ve seen interviewed agree that many more people (them and us) would have died in the Pacific theatre if we were to invade an occupy Japan. In Pakistan, sure, everyone will know we’re the bad ass on the block…but will it ultimately make us and the world safer? Let’s think through the law of unintended consequences…what could be the negative fallout?

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