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Thursday, October 02, 2003
RE: Rush's Response:

Mack – I agree. When I read Rush’s statement, I thought it was pretty lame. I expected something more savvy from him. He left tons of doubt and wiggle room, and he’s letting others define this situation.

If he’s guilty, he should be the one to get it out there, and control the message up-front. If he’s not guilty, he should firmly put out that message, too.

Either way, since he’s got 3 hours a day on the radio, he should devote a lot of time on his show talking about the issue – whether it’s prescription drug addiction, or the press exaggerating up a made-up story. He should also do Hannity & Colmes, and other shows to control the message/damage.

The liberals will love this. The next week will be devoted to kicking Bennett, Rush, and all other conservatives as hypocrites.

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