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Monday, October 20, 2003
Re. Francis

Scott - Let's not confuse the reader's here.... I know that the whole sexuality thing is confusing to you, but by all means, nothing associated with SCG should be construed as "sexy".

Why do I have to discuss appropriations issues (boooorrring) ? Let's talk about Hillary and the rest of the Dems. running for President holding up the Leavitt vote. If you heard right, their holds have nothing to do with Leavitt, but simply their opposition to the Bush Administration. What? Weren't the Dems. and the liberal media the first to squeal that the GOP was trying to take issue with President Clinton himself and sling mud everytime they raised an objection to one of his policies or Cabinet members? My view is that each Presidential candidate will hold the nomination for a week or two to grandstand and make his or her point on Bush, then they'll lift the hold and Leavitt will be confirmed.

Morality - As a parent, I have a moral obligation to raise my children properly. I also can turn off the TV and radio, and can send them to school where I choose and have them hang around with whom I choose. I think Mrs. First Lady MD was out-of-line - especially from someone who has been around politics long enough. And, Scott, let's be thankful that we have boys, but - as my lovely wife reminds me - we have an obligation to raise them to be gentlemen, have good manners and decent moral fiber ie. she wants me to teach them to be decent to ladies (and recognize a hootchy when they see one and to stay away from the snare of these dirty, naughty girls).

Energy - High gas prices are a combination of economic factors. Supply is tight and demand is high. Can't get at the natural gas supply in the U.S. and can't pipe or import enough to meet high demand. Why can't you get at the supply or import enough? Environmental regs. Electricity demand is going up and any new generation must be cleaner than older types of generation, once again due to environmental regs. and the public interest in cleaner air. Anyway, oil and gas companies aren't making a killing. The industry is very sensitive to price spikes especially after the 1970's, but the capacity to produce more oil, more gasoline, and more natural gas in this country is very restricted.

One last item to consider - In 1980, people were paying about $1.60 a gallon. Today, people are paying about $1.60 a gallon. At 1980's incomes relative to today's - that 1980 gallon of gas would cost $2.65. But it only costs $1.60 - a 40% savings.

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