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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Re. Energy

Tom - A portion of the royalties are already returned to the oil producing states. In fact, watch what many CA politicians say about off shore drilling. They'll often call on the President to ban "any NEW drilling" off the coast of California and he's so horrible blah, blah, blah. BUT they don't call for the President to buy back leases, like the federal government did in the Gulf - why? Not only do they get royalties - but the State of California itself owns many of the leases where there is current production off its coast and can't afford to have the federal government buy them back. There is significant supply in areas off NC, SC, and the Gulf that are off limits due to state laws, as well as supplies of natural gas in the Great Lakes (which Canada is going to get through directional drilling) and in places like the Finger Lakes region that parochial federal legislators have put off limits.

The truth of the matter is: we have a growing economy, people need energy and want cleaner energy (like natural gas), there are more stringent environmental laws that ever before - and the air, land and water is all cleaner than it has been in over thirty years, and any NEW plants or power systems that come on line are going to be more energy EFFICIENT and CLEANER than before because of the stricter environmental laws and new technology.

The problem lies in the fact that the American public has no idea how the power that comes into their electrical socket gets there and where it is from, they only think of petroleum and gas as fueling cars and their furnaces (forget jet fuel, plastics, ashphalt, fertilizers, farm machinery, bakeries, over the road truck delivery of goods). Their only knowledge of how you get petroleum out of the ground is from some eighty year old black-and-white film of the wildcatters days out west with oil spewing all over or the lead in from the Beverly Hillbillies. They want no NEW power plants (even though cleaner and more efficient), no new transmission lines (to avoid backouts and bring cheap and reliable power to many parts of the country), no gas pipelines (to fuel the newer low emission gas power plants they do want), no liquid natural gas ports or terminals, no drilling of any kind, but they want more power and gasoline better not go above $1.50 a gallon. And God forbid you talk about building a nuclear plant (zero emissions by the way).

The last administration, and frankly the few before that, chose to ignore the problem. When CA blackouts occurred in 2000, then Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson's reaction was simply "I guess we were asleep at the wheel."

America cannot fully conserve its way out of this energy "crisis". Conservation does help, but we need more SUPPLY!!! Solar energy and windmills are unreliable, and acres and acres are needed to even have the slightest impact. I love how Kerry, the Kennedy's, Walter Cronkite and the other Beacon Street - limo liberals are fighting a proposed windmill farm in the Cape Cod area. But I would expect nothing less from the bunch of hypocrites.


Please remember to say a prayer for Pope JPII. What a tremendous man who has had such a huge impact on Catholics and non-Catholics alike. As a true compassionate conservative, his work to end Communism, bring peace to the world, re-establish ties to other religions, and instill our world's youth with Catholic and Christian principles is historic. He has also gone to great strides to reaffirm many of the stricter Church tenets for our wayward American Catholics. Perhaps a photo (him with Reagan or Thatcher) should be put up??

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