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Friday, October 17, 2003
Re. Compensation of CEOs....

Briefly -

Sip - I agree with Jason, you can't be a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan. How wishy washy and squishy (or should that be swirlee?) can you get? I happen to hate both teams, which you can do. Like both - cannot do.

I have little futher interest in the World Series. I am left to cheer for the Marlins - only because I hate the Yankees so much.

I agree with John B., but also believe that there is a need for better ethics at the top and middle of major corporations AS MUCH as there is the need for many Americans to understand that the key to their success, both personal and financial, lies with themselves. (see below).

For UncleMargaret: No whining about corporations, 'the Man', how unfair life is etc. THIS IS AMERICA - THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. You can make it or fail - at least you have a chance here. People make choices and have to learn to accept their consequences. Too often people want to whine about there place in the world and want to blame someone else. Take a look in the mirror, pick yourself by your own bootstraps and do something about it. Put yourself in the position to make the money and have security - go to college or back to college (often free), take a risk like many business owners (who me?), don't accept the crappy job - expect more, work harder, earn more, move to where there is more opportunity, pick a career (not manufacturing or working the line at a plant) where there is a future. If you can't do any of those things, why not? because of some decision YOU made earlier in life. Then live with it. No one owes you anything in this country but a little respect - if that. You have to earn that and the rest of it!

For MilitaryMark: Do your homework before you right anymore about Head Start. This program is awful - read GAO reports and other government audits. It is rampant with fraud and rarely achieves its goals or objectives. Why does it still exist? Who can vote against it in Congress? - it pumps money for women, children, families, teachers, low income people, and social workers into their districts. Its another program in the world of welfare and social work that does nothing but support jobs at the local community center.

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