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Sunday, October 19, 2003
Re. CEO Salaries

John B. - I agree with you, I don't have any clue what Uncle Margie is saying. It sounds like he is in the twilight of his career and is disenfranchised with corporate America.

And by no means, Uncle Margie, was I looking down on you - just your crappy attitude! Without getting into a "Senator Byrd - Secretary O'Neill" exchange about who had more difficult lives - I have failed and I have succeeded on my own. I will share credit for my success with my hardworking parents who instilled a sense of strong Catholic compassionate conservative values and the need to work hard. But I will not place the blame for my failures on anyone else, nor will I sit and sulk about what the guy in the office next door is making. If there is failure going on around me, I have a choice to try to change it, leave, or suck it up (I should thank my father for this value - Thanks Dad!) - all of which I have done

Your view of success is rather pathetic too - no wonder your unhappy. Hey - look on the bright side, at least your getting Social Security! The other Five and myself don't have a prayer in seeing any of our 4.5% contribution (not a tax by-the-way).....

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