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Sunday, October 19, 2003
Reader John B. responds on the CEO salary issue…

”What the hell is Uncle Margaret saying? I can't understand his/her response. Is it me or is it disjointed dialogue.

What I could get out of it is that he/she doesn't think I understand how corporations or the government works, I have plenty of experience in both.

He/she mentioned that I need to go, I suspect because I defend Crompton's compensation based on what the market will bear. That is basically what business (corporations) is all about.

Now, he/she seemed to be saying that guys like Crompton poison companies and eventually cause layoffs. If KCMC is a well run company, Crompton is kept on for sound business reasons. If KCMC is not a well run company, Crompton is
the symptom not the illness.

All in all, Uncle Margaret seems to be disenchanted with corporate America. I'm not sure what can be done for that.

As for Jason's posting. The merits of the head start program are certainly a controversial topic. I am not really that well informed on the head start program. My comments were more directed at the compensation issue. If the head start program is ineffective, it can be lumped together with so many other ineffective government programs. Sounds like a new topic.

Now MilitaryMark wrote: "I don't want to witch-hunt over paid social servants with positive motives, if we need to pick on the rich, which I don't care to do, how about we
start with Vice President Cheney. It seems only fair, as his back room lots of cash are for nothing but greed.”

Let's not speculate on what Mr. Crompton’s motives are. Mr. Crompton is no paid social servant, he is a well compensated corporate executive. It certainly sounds like you cared to pick on the rich, despite you assertion to the contrary.

Remember MilitaryMark "Greed is good, greed in all its forms is good".

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