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Friday, October 17, 2003
Uncle Margaret Responds

Let's see I made 53k when I quit the organization. Survived a Blacklisting by two executive. Vice Presidents and worked for twenty years being self-sufficient and self employed. Never have worked in the plant or production line and I was surrounded usually with some of the brightest people found anywhere. The men in the next three offices made from 100 to 235,000 dollars and I wasn't their secretary. I quit that job and wasn't terminated. I also worked for them for 7 years as a consultant. Pull up my boot straps! With 5 major operations under my belt...It takes me 15 minutes to put my socks on.

"M" should put away the "How to succeed" and learn from those around him. You are not in charge of your success, your just not giving anyone else the credit. Maybe you think you have done it all by yourself. Maybe you have...I doubt it.

Let me give you the secret. Success gives you all the electric, cable and a new car every two years. Failure when it rears it's ugly head and is what is offered you, will be your biggest lesson. That crappy job by the way pays the rent. I try to do that job better than most. Don't look down at me, I'm 2 months from Social Security. I have been more than once at both ends of the pole and I may have time for one more run at it.

Uncle Margaret

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