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Thursday, October 30, 2003
Whatta a Week for the President!!

Let's look at the victories this week for the President vs. the Democrat Presidential contenders and the Democrats in the Senate:

- Leavitt confirmed for EPA Administrator. Dems. lift holds after seeing that they were going to loose their own on a cloture vote.

- Healthy Forests passes the Senate. Again, the argument was do we properly thin forests to protect the forests (after years of improper management - another story) and (God-forbid) protect people and property or is this an evil guise to destroy trees and the environment. When CA started to burn this week, the tone quickly changed to "which forest thinning projects should be a priority".

- Lieberman-McCain Global Climate bill goes down. The Dems. fought hard to get this bill to the floor - forgetting a 1997 Senate resolution (97-0) that said the Senate would oppose ANY global climate bill that would hurt American industry. Our good friends from RI and ME - Mr. Chaffee and Ms. Collins and Ms. Snowe actually supported the Dems. on this issue (surprise surprise). MANY studies stated how bad this bill was to the American economy - and that it would have resulted in rationing of gasoline!!! (Please remember when you go to the polls SCG...and who supported McCain in the 2000 primary???)

- House Senate Negotiators Agree on President's $87 billion Iraq Rebuilding Plan. The bill passed the Senate last week and conferees had to work out some details. All $87 m. In the form of grants. Like Bush wanted. Not loans.

Another issue: Another vote on Judge Pickering. While this may seem as another set back to the President, there are strong indications that the Senate Dems. obstructing Presidential nominations, especially judges, is backfiring.

Stay tuned!!

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