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Sunday, November 30, 2003
SCG Football Picks – Week 13

Jason’s Picks: Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago, NY Giants, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Tampa Bay, Houston, Cincinnati, New England, Baltimore, Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee

Sip’s Picks: Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago, Buffalo, St. Louis, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Tampa Bay, Houston, Cincinnati, New England, Baltimore, Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee

Tom’s Picks: Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago, NY Giants, St. Louis, Carolina, Washington, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Houston, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Seattle, Kansas City, Tennessee

Mister S: Green Bay, Dallas, Chicago, Buffalo, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Washington, Denver, Tampa Bay, Houston, Pittsburgh, New England, Baltimore, Cleveland, Kansas City, Tennessee

The Irish and Civilization

I don't think Tony McKegney was Irish.

Yes, there are acclaimed Irish authors. But the only thing I ever read that was written by an Irishman was written on the bottle of beer that he brewed.

If John Jameson is Irish, is J. Jonah Jameson also Irish? How about Jenna?

Waterford Crystal? Good god, Sip, I am surprised you aren't travelling to Massachussets to get "married."
Tim Russert, I like.

Last but not least, I am of the understanding that St. Patrick was Italian, not Irish.

Saturday, November 29, 2003
Re: Irish Eyes are Reading

In response to Scott's post several days ago, here's ten random Irish contributions (there's tons more):

1. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Griffin, Tony McKegney
2. Sip
3. Priests, Firemen, Policemen, Miners, Railroad workers
4. Authors (James Joyce, Flannery O’Connor, Frank O’Connor, etc, etc, etc)
5. The Fighting Sullivans
6. John Jameson & Sons
7. Corned Beef, Salt Potatoes, Cabbage (If you haven’t had these in a while, you’re missing a good meal.)
8. Waterford Crystal
9. St. Patrick
10. Tim Russert

Friday, November 28, 2003
"Some Presidents do it well, some Presidents don’t."
that's what jennings said on september 11, in reference to the varying abilities of presidents to lead in a time of crisis. How right you are, peter... how right you are.

I was inpired by the president's bold decision to land AF1 in Baghdad in order to thank the troops. This guy is the real deal and the bad guys got another clear message Thusday

New Blogger Tonight

Little Livia Jean is sitting on my lap tonight as I blog. We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving!

One more reason to hate the French.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Pack, Cowboys, Bears, Giants, Rams, Panthers, Skins, Bucs, Raiders, Texans, Steelers, Colts, Ravens, Seahawks, Chiefs, Titans.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Football Picks
On a 14.4k modem. Packers and Cowboys. I'll submit the rest on Saturday.

Football Picks
For Thursday, I pick the Packers and Cowboys. I'm staying with family in Buffalo (lots of kids) and can't devote the time and brainpower for the other picks. I'll have my picks for Sunday's games in on Saturday.

Have a good Turkey Day!

Football Picks
For Thursday, I pick the Packers and Cowboys. I'm staying with family in Buffalo (lots of kids) and can't devote the time and brainpower for the other picks. I'll have my picks for Sunday's games in on Saturday.

Have a good Turkey Day!

Prescription Drug Prices

I've got a work in progress addressing this issue and it's relationship to the Drug Reimportation issue. Utter disaster may very well be on the horizon. I'll try to post it later today.

SCG Football Update - Week 12

Sip: 9/16 (1); 9/16 (1); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (0);
7/14 (0); 8/14 (0); 12/16 (1); 12/16 (1) = 110/162 (9/11)
Jason: 10/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1);
10/14 (0); 7/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 12/16 (1); 13/16 (1) = 108/162 (9/11)
Tom: 9/16 (0); 9/16 (0); 7/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 10/14 (1);
7/14 (0); 8/14 (0); 12/16 (1); 12/16 (0) = 105/162 (7/11)
Mister S: 8/16 (0); 8/16 (1); 9/14 (0); 7/14 (0); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (0); 9/14 (1); 7/14 (1);
6/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 11/16 (1); 12/16 (1) = 98/162 (7/11)
"JPC": 0/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 0/14 (0); 10/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (0); 8/14 (1);
8/14 (0); 7/14 (0); 0/16 (0); 0/16 (0) = 72/160 (5/11)

* The first set of bolded numbers is the week’s scores that would be dropped if the season were to end today. The second set of bolded numbers is the adjusted total, after dropping the first set of bolded numbers.
* MACK dropped out after week 10.
* There was an adjustment in Jason’s score for week #10 after another participant noted that I gave myself 8/14 instead of 7/14. Without going through an elaborate explanation I will tell you it was typing error on my part in the Detroit/Chicago pick for that week. The other player graciously suggested that I keep the point due to the obvious nature of the error, but as we are all strong proponents of personal responsibility, I will pay the penalty for my error.
* Following my unfortunate week 10 error, I have decided to start E-mailing my picks to the SCG e-mail account so that there is a pre-game record to help resolve any future discrepancies.

And what is the difference between a smorgasbord and a buffet?


Why hasn't J responded to the question about prescription drug prices? What is he hiding?

Irish - priests and fireman

Liberal/conservative professors - Some of you may remember Dr. Duran, who headed up the Int'l Rel. program and left half-way through my college tenure. True, anti-red, pro-capitalism conservative who actually had relevant, real world experience - he had been in the foreign service. He was a tough, old guy who treated everyone with respect, demanded hard work and high academic standards from all students, but especially "his" (IR majors and conservatives). He was a terrific teacher and mentor. Compare to his successor, who as many SCG and others know, is an out of her mind liberal and promotes every liberal human rights and American Indian issue under the guise of "International Relations".
Bias - she tried to erroneously give me what would have been my only "D" in college - in a course required for my major. I fought her on it, had the ombudsman weigh in and my grade was changed (B - a big difference!). I found it interesting that she later never completed necessary paperwork for my grad school and law school applications. As a result, her being granted tenure is one of the main reasons why I haven't written a check to the school in years. And I have told them such.

I'm sending out my kudos to the UT conservatives (Hook Em Horns!!). Posting "campus watch" lists of biased teachers and information about the bias is simply using the same tactics that liberal groups use all the time. And they cry about "Freedom of speech"!

Brings up a good question: Have you ever known conservatives to hide from their convictions? Or use/manipulate students and other groups to hide behind? Or twist logic and say what is fair for me is not for you? And readers, don't confuse libertarians with conservatives. And I'm not talking about government programs, spending, etc. etc.

For the record, I have also had a lot of good liberal professors who treated me with respect. The unfortunate thing is that there aren't many conservative professors on campuses. You guys have all dealt with it, name the conservatives. You can count them on one hand (or two fingers). Name the liberals. Can't even begin, can you?

Sip, don't you have a good story about liberal bias on campus?

Dr. Neville Would Be Proud
Nightline's big focus tonight is the new movement by young conservatives to post information on the liberal bias they experience every day in America's college classrooms. The angle: liberal professors who are scared that their free speech rights are being violated by the various "campus watch" organizations that post professors comments and criticize liberal bias in the classroom. The poster child was a guy at the University of Texas who, two days after September 11th forced students to sit through a lecture where he described the United States as the "true terrorists." Cry me a river.

The guy at the University of Madison said this is a "threat to free speech"? Huh?

Let's take this slowly: students have rights of free speech too. Free speech doesn't mean no consequences. You say that america is the enemy, students have the right to say what they think about that, and to warn others what they are getting into when they go into your class. These guys don't like the fact that conservatives aren't sitting quietly anymore. I can't tell you how much it bothers me that a group of professors, the guys in charge of their classrooms, the assigned readings, the lectures and the grading for an essentially captive audience of students (at least the majors) are claiming their free speech is being limited by the criticism they are getting from a group of 19 year olds on the web.

Students speaking their mind about liberal bias isn't a "threat to free speech," it is free speech. This type of activity doesn't stifle the free exchange of views, it encourages conservatives to have the courage to speak out in a hostile environment.

I've dealt with this personally. I've had professors tell me they didn't appreciate my presence in the Ph.D. program because I am just a political hack. I've had people in my program tell me that I couldn't really be a conservative, only to get angry with me when they find out I actually am a conservative. I've had friendly professors recommend that I purge my job at the NRCC off my resume if I want to get a teaching job. I've worked with college interns who have received bad grades specifically because they gave conservative viewpoints, and were told as much by their professors.

The good news, they aren't winning. They may have stacked the deck, but college students are now more likely to say they are Republican than the general population.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Re: Irish Eyes are Reading

Don't forget that "Lord of the Dance" thing.

Irish Eyes are Reading

This in from KB, another loyal web surfer, in response to my slur against the Irish:

“The Irish have exported some fabulous music in the last century. They built incredible railroads. That is some seriously hard work. And oh by the way, in addition to emptying our bottles, glasses and pints, we can fill them up pretty damn good too.”

As a good Irishman, I believe KB was drinking at the time of this writing.

Pardon the interruption…

Sorry to interrupt you domestic goddesses, but I just need to vent on a few things I am just so tired of hearing. Chief amongst them is:

We’ve squandered all of the post 9-11 goodwill we received from the rest of the world (read Europe)

Who gives a rat’s rear? What good is all this goodwill if it requires us to sit back and do nothing while terrorists and their backers control entire nations and their armies and their arsenals? Who needs the goodwill of people who blindly take the path of least resistance and dangerous inaction?

These jokers in Europe are positively unbelievable. Did you catch the mayor of London saying that President Bush “was the biggest threat to life on earth today, maybe of all time”? The biggest threat to life on earth? You can’t make this stuff up, it’s like a cartoon. You'd think we’d attacked France rather than ridding the world of three successive repressive regimes either in the lead, or with the UK (Taliban, Hussein, Milosevich) in recent years.

And then, while President Bush and PM Blair suffer under the relentless leftist press barrage in Europe, let's look at who the continent thinks is a good leader.

Gerhard Schroeder? This is the man Helmut Kohl called "always on the wrong side of history." A straight up sniveling coward, a man with no vision, no purpose other than reelection (sounds liker a few pols I this country as well). I’m not saying he’s spineless, but absorbent and yellow and porous is he. If it were up to Schroeder, half of Europe would be under the Iron Curtain still, Germany would not be reunified and NATO would still have an unfortunate purpose and daunting task given Schroeder's desire to weaken it at all times. It is hard to imagine any Western leader worse than Schroeder. But he's a hero and President Bush is a villain?

And then there’s Chirac. Did you catch his recent German unification proposal? This for the very express purpose of “standing up” to the US, he has now taken traditionally hostile and two-faced French policy and turned it into overt acts of hostility towards the US. Chirac no longer even pretends to be an ally. His stupidity, audacity and arrogance are stunning, and again, President Bush fares badly compared to this pompous, delusional man?

This represent a view of the world that shouldn’t even be acknowledged, let alone addressed or coddled. Allies? Please.

Monday, November 24, 2003
Re: Domestic Issues

Yes, very funny Greek joke…and original at that. I would like to run a little exercise that we did at a happy hour in the Dubliner on the Hill a few years ago. We took a shot at answering the following question: “What has your ethnic group contributed to civilization?”

Here are updated answers:

Greeks: democracy and philosophy
Italians: architecture and military strategy and engineering
Portuguese: exploration
German: expertly engineered automobiles
Irish: finding the bottom of a whiskey bottle

Re. Domestic Issues

It was good to see Sip out last week and enjoy a few adult beverages.

On the Energy Bill - We can blame the Senate Dems. all we want for holding up this bill, but the truth is that there are a bunch of moderate GOPs that have been a problem, and inevitably, six Republicans who voted against breaking the log jam - four of whom I constantly rail against for being out of touch with America - McCain, Snowe, Collins and Chaffee.

The truth is this - the Democrats were never going to give the President a victory on this issue. The issue has become purely political. Instability, reliability, rising gas prices etc. etc. (for the American consumer and the American economy) be damned! The moderates and Dems were not going to give in to "big industry and big oil" as they say. The pot had to be sweetened with a ton of pork to try to come close to winning a vote.

Like so many great legislative ideas, this bill went astray when it went to the Senate. The President's National Energy Plan (NEP) was not laden with a ton of pork, but many fixes and tax incentives to help creat reliability and stability in the energy markets and provide new sources of energy for American consumers and our growing economy going forward. Thankfully, 75% of the NEP recommendations have been carried out by the Bush Administration through administrative changes or regulations.

Energy Bill Pros - Many key provisions don't require funding. Effort to bring stability and investment into electricity infrastructure in order to provide more reliability. New research into alternative fuels. New incentives (not funding) to bring natural gas production on line to help stabilize the market going forward. Efforts to streamline permitting to help bring oil and gas production on-line quicker.

Energy Bill Cons - Pork, pork, pork. Huge ethanol subsidies, and creation of new "demand" (artificial) for ethanol. Subsidies for a natural gas pipeline from Alaska.

All in all, there is more good than bad, with a huge price tag.

Who benefits the most if the bill passes - American consumers and our growing economy going forward.

Who suffers the most if the bill doesn't pass - American consumers and our growing economy going forward.

Thanks Sip.

Football Pics

No great excuses as to why I haven't been able to make my picks - but I'll try, work, work, out of town visitors, ice hockey (old time hockey - I'm actually playing again), kids, etc. etc. Purge me.....

Sunday, November 23, 2003
Domestic Issues

It's apparent that we're a group whose focus has been primarily on the foreign policy front, which is fine due to all the activity over the last two years. But I met up with Dr. Who (aka JPC) the other night, not for swirlees but for....wait for it.... beers!, and we agreed that we need some more light on the domestic front.

That being said, Tom has done an excellent job getting it started, and I won't regurgitate what he has written, because I agree with everything that he wrote (except one).

That being said, I'm posing a couple of questions for the SCG's 'Experts' in their fields to explain. Yes, I'm deliberately calling people out, and adding to your workload, but I'm actually interested.

1. JPC - the senate, no let me rephrase that, the Democrats in the Senate are prohibiting a vote on the Energy bill. While I'm highly confident that this bill is up to the eyballs in pork (which everyone knows I hate), what are the pros and cons of this legislation?

2. Jason - the prescription drug benefit. I'm solidly against it - primarily due to the increased spending, and the government sticking their nose in where capitalism works best. But again, what are the pros/cons?

3. Scott - I heard that the Greeks will be opening bathhouses throughout the US. They may begin franchising them!! I won't be going to any, but what will the pros/cons be?

The Hispanic Vote

Do any voters who don't speak English vote for the GOP? Or is it, as I believe more likely, the ones that have joined the melting pot and can read, write and speak the language that vote for us?

Why do we need signs at a Presidential event (see photo above) in both English and Spanish.

I suppose it's not a big deal in the scheme of things, but it bothers me nonetheless.

Oh, And a Couple More Things

I'd repeal the Amendments on direct election of Senators and the income tax.

Oh, and I'd make Congress prohibit SC Justices from using international law and precedent in deciding domestic issues -- such as they dealt w/ in Lawerence.


I like the FMA because it draws a line in the sand and then punts the details to the states -- where it belongs. The FMA will define marriage as between one man and one woman; will prohibit federal or state judges from making law on the issue; and will allow the various state legislatures to create or prohibit civil unions.

It's a good amendment and I support it. I also support a human life amendment, a balanced budget amendment and a term limits amendment.

In addition, I support an amendment that would allow states to "opt-out" of various federal things -- abortion, affirmative action, extreme 1st amendment stuff like pornography and the 10 Commandments at a state courthouse.

I would trade gay marriage for allowing states to opt out of that and these other things.

Taliban Tommy's back! :)

SCG Football Picks – Week 12

Jason’s Picks: Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Tennessee, Miami, Tampa Bay

Sip’s Picks: Seattle, Minnesota, Carolina, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Green Bay, New England, Cleveland, Denver, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Tennessee, Miami, Tampa Bay

Tom’s Picks: Baltimore, Minnesota, Dallas, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Green Bay, New England, Cleveland, Denver, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa Bay

Mister S: Baltimore, Minnesota, Carolina, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, San Francisco, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, St. Louis, San Diego, Kansas City, Tennessee, Miami, Tampa Bay

Saturday, November 22, 2003
Reclaiming my time...

Apologies for a bit of a brain cramp - - I keep mixing up the DoMA and the marriage amendment. I am for federalism, so I think that federalizing the issue with a constitutional amendment would be a mistake. I would support some sort of congressional action to allow states to ma

Will the Gentleman from Rochester Yield?

Umm, exactly why is the Defense of Marriage Act stupid? It's a federal issue because of the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. If two men "marry" in Massachusetts, absent DoMA I don't know of any grounds that another state could fail to recognize that "marriage".

DoMA keeps the federalist notion alive, it doesn't stifle it.

And I suppose you don't like the Federal Marriage Amendment either? For a good debate on both sides of the issue, check out Maggie Gallagher's excellent

Friday, November 21, 2003
You Guys Are Losing Your Touch
I can't believe you guys haven't taken me to task over the SCOMA gay marriage ruling. For what it is worth, I agree with Jonah. I strongly disagree with the idea that the courts are going to legislate this issue on their own. That should be stopped. Ironically, I think it will set the "cause" of gay marriage back, by giving momentum to stupid ideas like the Defense of Marriage Act. I don't think this is a federal issue. If the people (not the courts) in Massachussets or Vermont decide they want gay people to be able to marry, bully for them. If Texas decides otherwise, than Yahoo for them. That's what self-government is all about.

I haven't read the decision, but what in God's name is the court thinking? Even if the framers of the Massachussetts constitution were more liberal than the founding fathers, they couldn't possibly have been supporting this. Imagine the debate:

Guy #1: In the wake of this great Civil War, the time has come to give equal opportunities, equal protections for all men.

Guy #2: Will the gentleman yield?

Guy #1: I will yield to a question, sir.

Guy #2: Does this "equal protection" as you call it, include giving Negroes the right to vote?

Guy #1: It does.

Guy #2: Does it abolish slavery and involuntary servitude?

Guy #1: All men are free, sir.

Guy #2: One final question, sir. Would this equal protection ensure that two men could marry one another?

Guy #1: Excuse me?

Guy #2: Will this constitution ensure that two gentlemen can marry?

Guy #1: I don't think I understand.

Guy #2: Could, two men, Frederick Douglas and Ulysses Grant, for example, marry one another?

Guy #1: That, sir, would be an abomination under God!

President of the Legislature then immediately orders the Seargent at Arms to remove Guy #2.

RE: Found this over on

Lord, I broke three rules there. I was far from a tropical beach, it wasn't free, and as I remember, the waiter/waitress (notice - not 'Server') wasn't topless.

Considering I do try to live by The Man Code, and now this rigid rule has been brought to my attention, how ever will I be able to get a swirlee in Boston and/or New York? (I shouldn't set myself up for abuse like this...but it's Friday and the day is starting out good.)

Found this over on

Gentlemen: please note especially the bolded item below. Our friend Mr. Sipple may be in need of an intervention.

Words to live by:
The Man Code

The universal compensation for buddies who help you move is beer.

Never hesitate to reach for the last beer or the last slice of pizza,but
not both. That's just plain mean.

Bit{hing about the brand of free beer in a buddy's refrigerator
is forbidden. You may gripe if the temperature is unsuitable.

Any man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and
eaten by his fellow party goers.

Women who claim they "love to watch sports" must be treated as spies
until they demonstrate knowledge of the game and the ability to pick a
Buffalo Wing clean.

If a buddy is outnumbered, out manned, or too drunk to fight, you must
jump into the fight. Exception: If within the last 24 hours his actions
have caused you to think, "What this guy needs is a good a$$-whoopin",
then you may sit back and enjoy.

Unless he murdered someone in your immediate family, you must bail a
friend out of jail within 12 hours.

The minimum amount of time you have to wait for another guy who's running
late is 5 minutes. For a woman, you are required to wait 10 minutes for
every point of hotness she scores on the classic 1-10 scale.

No man is ever required to buy a birthday present for another man. In
fact, even remembering a friend's birthday is strictly optional and slightly gay.

Agreeing to distract the ugly friend of a hot babe your buddy is trying to
hook up with is your legal duty. Should you get carried away with your
good deed and end up having Sex with the beast, your pal is forbidden to
speak of it, even at your bachelor party.

Before dating a buddy's ex, you are required to ask his permission and he,
in return is required to grant it.

If a man's zipper is down, that's his problem --- you didn't see nothin'.

When stumbling upon other guys watching a sports event, you may always ask
the score of the game in progress, but you may never ask who's playing.

It is permissible to consume a fruity chick drink only when you're sunning on a tropical beach... and it's delivered by a topless supermodel... and it's free.

Unless you're in prison, never fight naked.

A man in the company of a hot, suggestively dressed woman must remain
sober enough to fight.

If you compliment a guy on his six-pack, you better be referring to his beer.

Never join your girlfriend/wife in dissing a buddy, except when she's
withholding sex pending your response.

Never talk to a man in the bathroom unless you're on equal footing: either
both urinating or both waiting in line. In all other situations, a nod is
all the conversation you need.

If a buddy is already singing along to a song in the car, you may not join
him... too gay.

Thou shall not rent the movie 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood'.

Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella.

Thursday, November 20, 2003
The World According to NRO's Derb

*** Journalists are scum.

*** Is this any way for free people to live?

*** Cry Havoc! And let slip the appropriate dogs.

*** I don't see how you can ever have enough nukes.

*** I do have some opinions that aren’t very respectable.

*** Like any honest reactionary, I loathe the _New York Times_.

*** For most people, college education is a waste of time and money.

*** The ducks aren't ever going to line up. The ducks are trying to kill you.

*** American society is increasingly a conspiracy of the smart against the dumb.

*** Marriage is one of those things that works best when people don't think about it too much.

*** The Middle East contains three hundred million people, and most of them are crazy as coots.

*** Carve into your mind in great stone letters: This nation is the hope, and the conscience, of the world.

*** Let's face it, in the great 20th-century struggle between the state and the individual, the state has won, game, set, and match.

*** The fact is that political stupidity is a special kind of stupidity, not well correlated with intelligence, or with other varieties of stupidity.

*** Wherever there is a jackboot stomping on a human face there will be a well-heeled Western liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100 percent literacy.

*** I want to live among people who can read, write, give correct change and name the capital of their state. Beyond that, I think education is a luxury that people should pay for themselves.

*** Stereotypes are, in fact, merely one aspect of the mind's ability to make generalizations, without which science and mathematics, not to mention much of everyday life, would be impossible.

*** This is life. People stumble and grope blindly hither and thither, wondering if they did the right thing, occasionally knocking something over and hoping no-one noticed, striving for illusory goals, addled with guilt and insecurity.

*** Look at our fool diplomats, poring over their treaties and resolutions and communiqués, while young men with burning eyes slip silently into our cities with boxes, canisters, cargoes, vials, and suitcases curiously heavy. Look at this proud tower! And feel its foundations tremble.

*** Does it not occur to you...that by purging all sacred images, references, and words from our public life, you are leaving us with nothing but a cold temple presided over by the Goddess of Reason -- that counterfeit deity who, as history has proved time and time and time again, inspires no affection, retains no loyalties, soothes no grief, justifies no sacrifice, gives no comfort, extends no charity, displays no pity, and offers no hope, except to the tiny cliques of fanatical ideologues who tend her cold blue flame?

Re: Scott's Free Time

Very nice! Made me laugh on an otherwise rainy, cold and gray dreary Maine day.

Re: Bush Visit to Britain

1. I hope those Brits (and the rest of Europe) realize whose got their back at all times. They can only scream and point fingers because they're backed up by the U.S. military. We can't leave them vulnerable, but how can we give them a slap in the head? Pull troops out of Germany?

2. While I would never dream of comparing the Bush-Blair partnership with the Reagan-Thatcher partnership (dare I put them both in the same sentence?), I very much respect how Blair has stuck with Bush. They seem to work very well together, which must make Clinton pissed.

3. The caption on the picture above is perfect. Spending is out of control (I've yelled about this a bit before) and the Republicans are just as guily as the Democrats. The government can't spend it's way to prosperity, growth of government will only lead to more consfication of worker's wages, yadda, yadda.

4. We must kill Osama and Saddam.

RE: Bush Visit to Britain

Yeah, yeah that’s great about the British but where are everyone’s football picks?

And another thing about the RedSox….


RE: Bush Visit to Britain

Hulk smash all left-wingers more than squishy Tom.

Military Mark

P.S. If I had the Death Star death ray, I’d use it on Switzerland to teach those uppity Euros a lesson.

RE: Bush Visit to Britain
What pisses me off the most is that there was no sampling of Catholics taken in that London poll. Does the British press have some sort of problem with the Catholic Church?

And there is no truth to the rumor that the church is merging with NAMBLA. That’s just the liberal media at it again.


RE: Bush Visit to Britain

Hulk Smash puny Labor party-loving Brits.

Pain & Suffering,

RE: Bush Visit to Britain

Mr. S,

I know if my brother were a Londoner he’d probably vote for that crazy Mayor. Thanks for pointing that out for the sake of my family.


RE: Bush Visit to Britain

Scott – That’s an excellent bit of research. Those silly British leftists are so naïve.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003
Bush Visit to Britain

Here’s another example of the leftist-elitist minority assuming they represent everyone. This excerpt was in the Washington Post today.

“As many as 5,000 police will protect Bush during the visit, at a cost of nearly $9 million. London Mayor Ken Livingstone, an outspoken critic of Bush, said policing costs would add two British pounds -- more than $3 -- to each city taxpayer's annual bill. "I think most Londoners would be happy to give four pounds for him not to come," Livingstone said at a news conference Tuesday morning.

But a poll published in Tuesday's Guardian newspaper reported that 43 percent of those surveyed welcomed the Bush visit, while 36 percent opposed it. Sixty-two percent agreed that the United States is "generally speaking a force for good, not evil, in the world.””
His honor, Mayor Livingstone, should be wary of his next election.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
SCG Football Update - Week 11

Sip: 9/16 (1); 9/16 (1); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (0);
7/14 (0); 8/14 (0); 12/16 (1) = 98/146 (8/10)
Jason: 10/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1);
10/14 (0); 7/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 12/16 (1) = 96/146 (8/10)
Tom: 9/16 (0); 9/16 (0); 7/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 10/14 (1);
7/14 (0); 8/14 (0); 12/16 (1) = 93/146 (7/10)
Mister S: 8/16 (0); 8/16 (1); 9/14 (0); 7/14 (0); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (0); 9/14 (1); 7/14 (1);
6/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 11/16 (1) = 86/146 (6/10)
"JPC": 0/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 0/14 (0); 10/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (0); 8/14 (1);
8/14 (0); 7/14 (0); 0/16 (0) = 72/144 (5/10)

* The first set of bolded numbers is the week’s scores that would be dropped if the season were to end today. The second set of bolded numbers is the adjusted total, after dropping the first set of bolded numbers.
* MACK dropped out after week 10.

Monday, November 17, 2003
Tom's Refinancing
I don't know a lot about financial matters (as evidenced by my checking account balance) but I would argue that an adjustable rate mortgage doesn't sound like the way to go in the low interest rate environment we are currently in.

As you know, the beauty of the ARM is that you get a much lower rate up front. But with 15 year mortgages at around 5% (give or take), how much lower a rate are you going to get?

Since rates have nowhere to go but up (up, up?), there is no doubt that Tom will take a bath at the back end of this if he changes his mind about selling or if he has trouble unloading his house. Given that it is a highly prized double wide trailer (er, "manufactured home") that shouldn't be a problem, but still, I see Tom taking on great risk at minimal benefit.

Also, I disagree with the idea that you need to get out of the market if there is a terrorist attack (with the notable exception of a nuclear bomb that kills millions, in that case, by all means, sell). If you have the extra cash, I suggest that is a buyers market. Now, you may not want to invest in certain things (nuclear power plants, skyscrapers, airlines), but the broader market will whether whatever comes along. In the long run, we will still be here. The terrorists won't.

Sunday, November 16, 2003
Bills Coaching Staff

Who knew that one day I'd long for the play calling of Joe Pendry or Dan Hennings. Kevin Gilbride should not be the off. coordinator next week. Gregg Williams should go too, but I'm willing to keep him until the end of the year, but I'll chip in for a plane ticket for Buddy Ryan if he promises to punch Gilbride again.

Horrid -- and oh so predictable -- play calling.

It's first down, let's pass.


It's second and ten, let's run.

It's third and short or long, let's pass.

It's fourth down, let's get our punter some more exercise.

The only good thing about watching the games these days is the frequent shots of the Anchor Bar kitchen and bowls full of wings being made.

What I wouldn't give for a La Nova's delivery right about now....

Senate Filibuster

Interesting article from NRO -- published last Spring.

RE: Terror Threats
1. The President can appoint judges with the advice and consent of the Senate. All of Bush's nominees will win in an up or down vote...which is why the Dems won't let it happen. I know that Frist wants to change the filibuster rules, but the Dems will filibuster the attempt to eliminate filibusters.

2. The article in Tom's link is correct. The clock is ticking until the next domestic terrorist act. Sell ALL your stock the minute it happens. I'm going to beat a horse to death, but we need to find and kill Bin Laden and Saddam - and the sooner, the better. No, it won't end terrorism, but it will send the message that everyone on the planet is within the reach of the U.S. military.

3. The economic forecast is for positive growth throughout 2004. This should definitely minimize the economy as a large election focus for the Dems...which means they will highlight the war in Iraq. This underscores my belief about Bin Laden and Saddam. If I can figure out a way to put a counter on the site, I'll start one on how many days we've tried to put both in the cross-hairs. I'm optimistic that it will happen, but then again, it took five years to find the fugitive hiding in the North Carolina woods.

4. The Bills need a new coaching staff.

Terror Threats

Amen I say to you, Amen. The threat is real and it has an impact on many things, including my mortgage. My house won't sell, so I need to refinance. Well, I still want to sell and would typically be very comfortable w/ a 3/1 ARM. Take the lower rate and sell within the next 36-48 months.

But what if there is a really big attack and it's successful. What if rates spike and I still can't sell. Does the cost of a few hundred more bucks a month for a 30 year mortgage outweigh the benefit of a lower payment in the hopes I can sell in the next couple of years?

Probably, but it's the new reality that you never you.

SCG Football Picks – Week 11

Jason’s Picks: Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Carolina, Buffalo, Kansas City, Cleveland, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Green Bay, Minnesota, New England, San Francisco

Sip’s Picks: Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Carolina, Buffalo, Kansas City, Cleveland, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, New England, San Francisco

Tom’s Picks: Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Carolina, Buffalo, Kansas City, Cleveland, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, New England, San Francisco

Mister S: Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Carolina, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, New England, Pittsburgh

Mack’s Picks:

JPC’s Picks:

I believe Mack’s thrown in the towel. How about you JPC?

Friday, November 14, 2003
Sometimes its the little things....

Sometimes its little things that get you through the day or make you chuckle. I recently posted on the CBS decision to not show the Reagan documentary. While, like other SCG, I agree that it wasn't too big a deal, I found great humor in the lefts reaction to CBS' decision.

This little bit made me chuckle today -

(AP) "A Web designer was sentenced to community service for hijacking the Web site for the Arab satellite news channel Al-Jazeera and redirecting its traffic to a site showing an American flag and the words "Let Freedom Ring."

John William Racine II, 24, of Norco, was ordered Wednesday to perform 1,000 hours of community service and pay $2,000. He pleaded guilty in June to felony charges of wire fraud and unlawful interception of an electronic communication.

Racine's plea agreement indicated that he acted after learning in March that Al-Jazeera's Web site had posted photos of American prisoners of war and soldiers killed during the U.S. invasion of Iraq. was subject to several attacks in March, including one where visitors were redirected to a pornography site. Web traffic from Al-Jazeera's site was redirected by Racine for about three days ending March 27, prosecutors said."

I certainly don't condone this type of behavior and think what John did was wrong. But this was funny none the less. Anyone for contributing to help pay John's fine???

And Skip, is this what you are learning in grad school? And when did you start going by "John Racine"??

Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Atlantic 10 and Canisius rant

A-10 adds new schools - Charlotte and St. Louis. Why not Canisius?!! I don't know what they are doing there, but it is frustrating.

I think, as a small, northeastern-midwest, urban Catholic institution with no football program, Canisius would have been a good fit and would give the league a new city to tap into and the team a chance to grow.

Consider the small Catholic schools in the league - Fordam (NY), LaSalle (Philly), St. Bona's (nowheresville), St. Joe's (Philly), Dayton (duh), Xavier (Cincy), Dusquesne (Pitt), and now St. Louis. Canisius in Buffalo should fit!

It's not enough that the school frustrates me on many fronts, but some of my small, attainable, hopes with the athletic programs continually frustrate me - specifically hockey and basketball.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Let’s remember to honor the veterans of our armed forces. Mark is a future veteran, so we can honor him today as well.

My father served in Korea and was wounded by shrapnel from a mortar round. That’s good for him, because the poor guy next to him in the foxhole got the full brunt of the blast and didn’t live to talk about it.

War is hell. But Freedom isn’t Free!

Monday, November 10, 2003
I am officially out. The prize -- free drinks in NYC - - was tempting, but how much will 3 cokes a day cost, even in the City? Part of me wants to stay in just to catch up with Mr. S, but I have a lot of stuff going on right now and my life will only get busier after #3 arrives (within a few weeks at the latest!). My original strategy - - to mirror Jason's picks with the exception of the Pats in week one looks like a pretty good one in hindsight. Too bad I didn't stick with it. Of course, sticking with Sippel's picks might have been even better. Time will tell.

Negotiating With Terrorists
Does this story about the Israeli deal to swap prisoners with Palestinian terror organizations disturb anyone else? They are releasing hundreds of prisoners in exchange for one businessman and three bodies of dead Israeli soldiers. And get this, if the deal falls through, the Palestinians threaten to kidnap more Israelis! Talk about negotiating in bad faith.

Essentially this rewards the Palestinians for kidnapping Israelis. In exchange for a few dead bodies and the return of one businessman, the Palestinians will have hundreds of their people back working for them planning the killing of women and children. They could pick up another Israeli businessman in an afternoon, for god's sake. Any bets on when the first one of these prisoners straps a bomb on himself and kills innocent people?

I am very disappointed in the Israelis.

Latest Terror Attack in Saudi Arabia
Wow. Another bad move for Al Queda. Rather than showing strength, this latest attack demonstrates weekness. The attack failed to kill any Americans and it risks losing them support in the place where they most depend on officials looking the other way. Are they getting frustrated by their inability to bring the fight to us? It will be interesting to see if the guys who pulled this attack off were denied VISAS by the US embassy. Maybe, just maybe, this is a victory for the guys at state and immigration departments. If so, good for them.

Congrats also to US intelligence, which got this one right. The US Embassy in Riyadh was closed yesterday because US intel picked up information on the attack. It may be that this location was a secondary target (or maybe just a target of convenience after the first target was inaccessible). Whatever the case, the bombing yesterday should have been hailed as yet more evidence that we are winning the war and our enemies are getting more and more desperate -- even in Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, November 09, 2003
SCG Football Picks – Week 10

Jason’s Picks: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Dallas, St. Louis, NY Giants, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Green Bay

Sip’s Picks: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Carolina, Dallas, St. Louis, NY Giants, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Green Bay

Tom’s Picks: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Carolina, Dallas, St. Louis, NY Giants, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Green Bay

Mister S: Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Tampa Bay, Dallas, St. Louis, NY Giants, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Green Bay

Mack’s Picks:

JPC’s Picks: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Carolina, Buffalo, St. Louis, NY Giants, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minnesota, NY Jets, Green Bay

Mr. Mack?

Saturday, November 08, 2003
"The More You Know..."
NBC has a regular "teaching moment" type filler spot that features NBC personalities giving the common people a lesson about how they should think, act, feel, etc... One of them, which features Will from Will and Grace has the following message: "Unless you have a gavel, you shouldn't be judging people" - - or something like that.

My problem is that I think this is too broad a message. I agree that we shouldn't be "judgmental" - - overly quick to criticize, etc.... Nonetheless, I think it is OK to judge people on the basis of their actions. This may get back to the argument Jason and Adam were having on relativism. I think that it is important that there are boundaries in society that people know they shouldn't cross. Those boundaries serve an essential function in society, keeping the culture from disintegrating into an anything goes free for all. The only way to protect those boundaries is for people to judge other people when they cross those boundaries.

This is not to say that empathy isn't a virtue. It is. But citizenship requires more than empathy.

Three Cheers for the NH Supreme Court!

The NH Supreme Court has decided that lesbian sex is not adultery. For those of you having difficulty understanding the legal reasoning behind this ruling let me translate it into plain english: "This honorable Court finds for the defendent on the grounds that there ain't nothin' wrong with that!"

Friday, November 07, 2003
On Reagan, the Movie - - I don't get too excited over this one. Did anyone not expect Barbra Streisand's husband to be involved in a positive portrayal of the Gipper? I think the RNC should never have been involved - this is something best left to the grassroots and the talk radio guys. I would have prefered that tens of millions of Republicans boycott CBS and its advertisers. That would have been much more enjoyable to see.

I saw part of the Katie Couric interview of Ed Rollins on this subject the other day and it was funny to see her equating this with "censorship." That's just plain silly. CBS is free to show it, and free to lose money when conservatives boycott their network. Free speech doesn't mean your speech is free of consequences. Good thing is, I can still watch Everybody Loves Raymond.

Daschle is saying that conservatives are super powerful now and basically that we can do this again if we want to. Here is my evidience that this is not the case:

1. Katie Couric, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, and the "View" are all still on the air.

2. The Dukes of Hazard, The Fall Guy, McGyver and Walker:Texas Ranger have all been cancelled.

The fact is, all the big 3 networks have lost big bucks as a result of people turning to cable TV and they couldn't afford to alienate tens of millions of die hard conservatives who are looking for a reason to demonstrate that they are mad as hell at the networks and not going to take it anymore.

Friday Muse

It looks like the economy is heading in the right direction, and economists predict growth throughout 2004. Job creation follows (as today's jobs numbers wonderfully underscore), so hopefully this will solidly take the economy away from the Democrats as an issue if good news continues.

But things aren't going well on the foreign front (well, they are going pretty well, but that's not the message getting to the American people). So once again, I think a serious blow will be served to Iraqi dissidents and terrorists everywhere if we capture/kill (hopefully, the latter) Saddam and Bin Laden. Politics aside, we need to do this. Politically, we need to do this.

On "Reagan" miniseries....winning one for the Gipper!

Is anyone else taking such great delight in watching Democrats and media types blast the Republicans and "a small group of right-wing conservatives" for bringing attention to this apparently horrible depiction of Reagan?

It is also amazing to hear them complain that the media is being influenced by conservatives???? The horror!! God forbid the conservatives influence the media!

From Daschle: "I have maintained, many people have maintained, that the far right has extraordinary power," Daschle said yesterday morning in an interview on National Public Radio. "We've now learned they not only have power in politics, they have power in entertainment and news as well."

On NPR - no surprise.

Can you see it - they are hunkering down in the bunker! Scrambling to figure out who was asleep at the switch...behind the scenes trying to figure out how they lost control....immediately bash everyone under the sun...
basically failing to figure out that, in their fat, lazy, arrogance, they have failed to keep their fingers on the pulse of America. Just like when they lost Congress.

I'd actually love to know which advertisers put pressure on CBS, knowing CBS would never pull the plug if they knew they were going to still make money?

"They totally collapsed," Daschle said of CBS, calling the decision "a clear victory for the far right."

"I have to conclude if they can do it with CBS, they can do it with anybody else. They are going to be watching for the next target of opportunity and use it for whatever they can. I don't think there is any doubt that we'll see more of it in the future."

On Ethanol......

I went on the record on this issue years ago and want to go on the record again.

Ethanol is bad! Don't be duped into thinking ethanol is great for the environment - it simply produces different pollutants than oil and gas. It evaporates more easily and more importantly - it takes more energy to make ethanol than ethanol produces!!

The ethanol and agriculture lobby is obviously very strong, but increasing the use of ethanol is pure politics and simply, bad, bad, bad public policy.

In the short term, all you folks in the NE and West Coast are going to see increased gasoline prices as a result of the increased use of ethanol.

Ten to twenty years from now, our Congress and federal government will be back at the table trying to figure out how to resolve all the problems that result.

Saving Private Lynch

The authorized biography of Jessica Lynch confirms that she was raped while held in captivity by the Iraqis. I shouldn’t be surprised, because the Iraqis committed these crimes in the Persian Gulf War to other American service women.

This brings up two questions for me:
Why does the world (UN) turn a blind eye to this disregard for human rights, the Geneva Convention and outright state-sanctioned criminal behavior?
Should we have women in combat support roles? Rape is not limited to conflict with Neanderthal-like cultures like the Middle-East. The Serbians regularly committed rape against Bosnians and Kosovars.

After hearing about Lynch, my reaction was emotional and I wanted to use MilMark’s strategy of nuclear carpet bombing on Iraq to teach those cockroaches a lesson.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Griffin is in. Unfortunately, Hardwick lost by 1000 votes.

Quick Strike

1. 'The Reagans' - I've never had a problem with any of the Kennedy films portraying them in a negative light, so I won't be a hypocrite here in getting upset about CBS portraying Reagan unaffectionately. However, CBS admits that there are negative character shaping parts in the film which never even occurred. I can't make peace with that.

2. President Bush will sign the Partial Birth Abortion ban today (Yay!). I understand how people passionate about an issue don't want ANY encroachment, no matter how minor or major. Some of us (like me) are like that with "Gun Control" laws. However, how anyone can get behind the effort to block this law is stooping pretty low. Looking at it from every angle, I don't know how anyone can be for partial birth abortion. To my knowledge, I've never met anyone who is for it, and like you, I know a TON of people who are pro-abortion.

3. GOP wins last night in KY and MS. I'll keep an eye open to see if Hardwick won in Erie County.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Blogs for Bush
This may have escaped me previously, but I just went to the official Blogs for Bush site, and we are listed in the right-hand frame. Looks like there's some other good bloggers out there, too.

CBS does the right thing...

CBS Statement Regarding 'The Reagans'
Tuesday November 4, 11:53 am ET

NEW YORK, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- "CBS will not broadcast THE REAGANS on November 16 and 18. This decision is based solely on our reaction to seeing the final film, not the controversy that erupted around a draft of the script.

Although the mini-series features impressive production values and acting performances, and although the producers have sources to verify each scene in the script, we believe it does not present a balanced portrayal of the Reagans for CBS and its audience. Subsequent edits that we considered did not address those concerns.

A free broadcast network, available to all over the public airwaves, has different standards than media the public must pay to view. We do, however, recognize and respect the filmmakers' right to have their voice heard and their film seen. As such, we have reached an agreement to license the exhibition rights for the film to Showtime, a subscriber-based, pay-cable network. We believe this is a solution that benefits everyone involved.

This was not an easy decision to make. CBS does tackle controversial subjects and provide tough assessments of prominent historical figures and events, as we did with films such as 'Jesus,' '9-11' and 'Hitler.' We will continue to do so in the future."

SCG Football Update - Week 9

Sip: 9/16 (1); 9/16 (1); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (0);
7/14 (0) = 78/116 (7/8)
Jason: 10/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 9/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 9/14 (1);
10/14 (0); 7/14 (1) = 76/116 (6/8)
Tom: 9/16 (0); 9/16 (0); 7/14 (1); 11/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 10/14 (1); 7/14 (1); 10/14 (1);
7/14 (0) = 73/116 (6/8)
Mister S: 8/16 (0); 8/16 (1); 9/14 (0); 7/14 (0); 8/14 (1); 11/14 (0); 9/14 (1); 7/14 (1);
6/14 (1) = 67/116 (4/8)
"JPC": 0/16 (0); 10/16 (1); 0/14 (0); 10/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 12/14 (1); 9/14 (0); 8/14 (1);
8/14 (0) = 65/114 (5/8)
Mack: 11/16 (0); 0/16 (0); 7/14 (0); 11/14 (1); 0/14 (0); 10/14 (1); 8/14 (1); 8/14 (1);
7/14 (1) = 62/114 (5/8)

* The first set of bolded numbers is the week’s scores that would be dropped if the season were to end today. The second set of bolded numbers is the adjusted total, after dropping the first set of bolded numbers.

Monday, November 03, 2003
Mood Ring Graphics

Happy to change the picture. And happy to keep changing pictures, but I need you guys to send me good ones when you come across them. Sometimes I forget and when I get busy the same picture will stay up there a while.

Until I can find the holy grail for blog picture posters -- the mood ring version of a graphics program--if I'm not paying attention please alert me when the tone of the posts conflicts w/ the picture on top.


I saw a documentary on Somalia a couple of years ago. It was excellent and a good prelude to watching Black Hawk Down. Watching the doc gave me a more factual foundation to see the movie with. What I remember most, were the soldiers interviewed during and after the pull-out. They felt somewhere between frustrated and betrayed.

One GI asked why they had been sent there at all.

The hypocrisy is what drives me the craziest about Hollywood and the media. Where was the criticism when Clinton switched our mission in Somalia from Pizza Delivery Guy to Police Officer? Why won’t the media talk about that (then and now)?

Football Pix: Yes, I picked the Broncos but that’s the least of my worries in this pool. I’m barely ahead of the guys who skipped the pool for entire weeks. Besides, the Pats will kill Denver tonight. Danny Kanell belongs back in college.


***Yes, time for new picture. Tom?

***The new feature – Powerball? I’ll tell you what, skip the number predictions and just let us know if you won twice a week. That way we know if we can hit you up for money.

***Recent American deaths in Iraq. I am personally heartbroken when I hear about such terrible losses, as the recent downed transport chopper certainly was. I can also think of no manner of cheapening and removing meaning from their honorable deaths more, than to pack up and leave with the job unfinished, because a few weak kneed folks at home can’t take the nightly news. Every American soldier lost, every single death, is a horrific tragedy for a spouse, a parent, a family member, a friend, someone somewhere. Each death leaves a terrible hole in someone else’s life. But if these events are what cause you to say maybe we shouldn’t be there, then perhaps you didn’t give this operation enough thought and consideration to begin with. We’re there because it is important enough to die for. It’s also important enough to kill for. Let’s hope that we prosecute this war in such a way that we do considerably less of the former than the latter. I’m tired of demagogue politicians, and Hollywood faux-activists, and irresponsible editorial-journalists picking up the mantle of these fallen warriors and declaring the war wrong and a failure – as if it was their to carry.

***Elections tomorrow. I’ll be voting for our eight-term Mayoral incumbent tomorrow. So I’m officially endorsing Bob for mayor. Don’t laugh, that’s the campaign slogan – Mayor Bob, Prospect’s best friend.

***MNF: Big, big game tonight. Notice who Mister S picked.

And Another Thing...

The press is almost calling for instant gratification. Quick war, low casualties, graceful exit – all at a low cost in terms of $$$ and lives. And since it hasn’t been all of those things, the plan must be flawed.

I’ll bet if FDR was asked how long WWII was going to last, he would have said ‘As long as it takes.’ If asked how much it will cost, he would have said ‘As much as it takes.’ And that would have been an acceptable answer. Now, there’s great debate about the cost/benefit of the amount of $$$ and lives it will take to accomplish the goals in Iraq. The administration must make a better case that we’re doing the moral thing, America will be safer, and it’s worth the sacrifices.


The press is already drawing comparisons to Beirut and Somalia…rhetorically asking how long it will be before the U.S. pulls out of Iraq. Just because the media is overwhelmingly left isn’t an excuse for our message not being pushed forth. And before anyone jumps on me about how the administration is telling how dangerous (a buzz term we heard all weekend) Iraq is and will continue to be in this post-war phase, the media is controlling the message. I’ve been unimpressed with the job the administration has done with its post-war message, and it needs to work harder to do a better job of educating the American people in the sacrifices it will take to get the job done.

Despite his unpolished speaking manner, the President is his own best spokesman. Americans trust his judgment, as is evident by their acceptance of even going to war, his tax cuts, the mid-term elections, his poll numbers before and after the war (until this past weekend). He needs to get out front and in the public more – with town hall meetings, visiting coffee shops (and other instances of putting himself with the people), etc. In short, HE needs to take his message to the American people. While Clinton was constantly in the camera eye (all Clinton…all the time), Bush isn’t in it enough.

Americans need to understand that the exit strategy for WWII hasn’t been accomplished (still have troops in Germany). The exit strategy for Korea hasn’t been accomplished (still have troops in S. Korea). The exit strategy for Bosnia hasn’t been accomplished (still have troops in Bosnia). While we don’t want troops in Iraq for decades to come, it will be a long, hard slog…but it’s in our interests to do it right.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Since most of our readers are enjoying the site's overwhelming focus on football pool standings (and little in the way of actual political content from anyone save Military Mark), I am introducing a new feature: POWERBALL.

That's right, folks. From now on, I will post my predictions as to that week's powerball lottery. My guess for this Wednesday's drawing:

5, 21, 24, 38, 40. Powerball: 11.

Can someone with more computer knowledge than me take that picture doawn? It was funny, but I am not in a laughing mood right at this moment and it is bothering me.

Big thanks to all those who are working hard to keep the site interesting -- please don't take this as a criticism of your fine work.

Lessons from the Greatest Generation?

It is getting to be gut-check time. The signals being sent by the media and some political figures over here are unmistakable - - kill enough of our guys and we will lose our will and leave Iraq to fester and rot. The reality is, we cannot afford to do that. It is (a) not the right thing to do morally and (b) it is not in our own self-interest.

I will try not to belabor points made more articulately by others, but the message we are sending to our allies and our enemies in Iraq is that, if soldiers keep dying, we will lose our will to fight this to the end. Expect to see a lot of discussion (from the media, the talking heads and from politicians) come Monday AM as a result of the attack that killed 15 soldiers earlier today.

The reality is, this is a war. It is a war that the President has constantly said would require great vigilance and come at great cost. With one mission -- the liberation of Iraq from Saadam's control - - accomplished quickly and successfully, we now turn to the next stage - - turning Iraq into a functioning and stable nation that respects the rights of its people and its neighbors. There has never been any question that the second stage would be the more difficult one. Yet, the attitude from the media appears to be one of shock that fighting continues and soldiers continue to die.

This is an historic endeavor. Our grandparents' generation was given great challenges and they accomplished great things. The question we face now is - - can we accept the same responsibility? Do we want to accomplish great, historic things as a country? Or do we want to kick the can down the road?

The reality is, we cannot afford to walk away from the task before us. We cannot afford to walk away from the fight. This time, the fight will follow us. If we falter, if we decide to appease Islamofascism and leave the Iraqis on their own to be swallowed up by Islamofacism and the murder and chaos that follow, we will embolden our enemies.

If we have the will to stick it out, I have no doubt we will prevail. There will be great sacrifices. Soldiers will fight. Some will die. But our grandparents' generation fought far more deadly battles - - losing as many as 10,000 a month at some points in the war.

Why didn't they lose their will to fight when the cost was so high, the sacrifice so great? Because they understood what was at stake if they did not prevail. The question is, do we?

SCG Football Picks – Week 9

Jason’s Picks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Indianapolis, Oakland, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, New England

Sip’s Picks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Miami, Oakland, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, New England

Tom’s Picks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Indianapolis, Oakland, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, New England

Mister S: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Indianapolis, Detroit, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, Denver

Mack’s Picks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Indianapolis, Detroit, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, New England

JPC’s Picks: Tampa Bay, Dallas, Indianapolis, Oakland, Carolina, N.Y. Giants, Chicago, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Seattle, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Minnesota, New England