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Monday, November 03, 2003

***Yes, time for new picture. Tom?

***The new feature – Powerball? I’ll tell you what, skip the number predictions and just let us know if you won twice a week. That way we know if we can hit you up for money.

***Recent American deaths in Iraq. I am personally heartbroken when I hear about such terrible losses, as the recent downed transport chopper certainly was. I can also think of no manner of cheapening and removing meaning from their honorable deaths more, than to pack up and leave with the job unfinished, because a few weak kneed folks at home can’t take the nightly news. Every American soldier lost, every single death, is a horrific tragedy for a spouse, a parent, a family member, a friend, someone somewhere. Each death leaves a terrible hole in someone else’s life. But if these events are what cause you to say maybe we shouldn’t be there, then perhaps you didn’t give this operation enough thought and consideration to begin with. We’re there because it is important enough to die for. It’s also important enough to kill for. Let’s hope that we prosecute this war in such a way that we do considerably less of the former than the latter. I’m tired of demagogue politicians, and Hollywood faux-activists, and irresponsible editorial-journalists picking up the mantle of these fallen warriors and declaring the war wrong and a failure – as if it was their to carry.

***Elections tomorrow. I’ll be voting for our eight-term Mayoral incumbent tomorrow. So I’m officially endorsing Bob for mayor. Don’t laugh, that’s the campaign slogan – Mayor Bob, Prospect’s best friend.

***MNF: Big, big game tonight. Notice who Mister S picked.

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