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Monday, April 19, 2004
Re. Three down, sixteen to go…

Habs win - the curse of Bruins owner and Buffalo resident Jeremy Jacobs continues! (Oh, BTW - Jacobs went to Sips crappy high school!)

Like you, I hate the Yankees. I am not a Red Sox fan, and find myself torn as to whether or not I would really want them to win the World Series: A) They win and the rest of us don't have to suffer listening to obnoxious New Englanders whine and moan about not winning the World Series. B) They win and the rest of us have to suffer listening to obnoxious New Englanders go on and on about their team. C) They continue their streak of no World Series and the fans brood, moan and whine.....???

Did we have a bet on the NCAA basketball pool? Maybe you won't fess up? If so (and I properly recall) I enjoy scotch. If not, what the heck??

Note to Beantown baseball fans - Baseball Hall of Famer Jimmy Collins who "was a magician with the glove and a terror with the bat. Collins hit .300 or better five times, was Boston's player-manager for its first six seasons in the upstart American League, and led his club to the World Championship in 1903." (FYI - Collins is from Buffalo and graduated from my high school - which is far superior to Sip's high school!)

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