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Monday, April 12, 2004
Reader and “Angry Conservative” John R writes:

It seems that most of the attacks against Rice and others in the administration are about a lack of strategy to prevent 9-11. I argue that we’ve been doing about everything we can do to prevent something like that for most of my lifetime, up to a limit of infringing upon people’s civil liberties, where we stopped. These preventive measures included metal detectors in airports, that useless question asked by airline attendants about whether people have opened their luggage since leaving home, use of ID’s when verifying airline tickets. The list goes on, including tracking known terrorists to a degree. None of these items really impacted anyone’s individual rights too badly. To do so would have been politically unacceptable to just about everyone, left or right, before 9-11.

The 9-11 terrorists used 2 of our weaknesses: a) our political unwillingness to use post 9-11 security measures to prevent hijackings (making people take shoes off, some other measures that make overly-sensitive people uncomfortable, and tighter tracking of foreigners boarding planes), and b) the fact that we were using metal detectors to detect guns. How in the world could anyone have dreamed up that those terrorists would use BOXCUTTERS to hijack planes? I have a boxcutter at my house, and my office does quite a bit of shipping, so we have a bunch of them in our warehouse, but I consider neither my house nor my office to be terrorist dens. A comprehensive anti-terror strategy could have been in place, but it would have to have been based on past experience. No past experience prepared us for such a simple, but effective terror tactic as using boxcutters to hijack fuel-laden planes, and bring down the WTC towers. I would never have thought it possible those buildings could come crashing down, even given the circumstances of that day.

Since 9-11 we have launched the War on Terror. How much more of a strategic posture can you take against terrorism? <--- rhetorical question. Of course, nothing can be done now for 9-11, except mourn our losses, learn our lessons and move on to prevent future attacks. That is exactly what the Bush administration is doing with the War on Terror occurring all over the world. People are dying in Iraq, and have died in Afghanistan and elsewhere to protect America. Yet this stupid 9-11 commission insists on tying up people like Rice, the FBI director, CIA director et al, with useless questions about how little we all did in preventing 9-11 in the first place. This is a pointless exercise at this point. The Bush administration learned its lesson and is doing something about it (see the War on Terror). Too many others on that commission seem to want to assign blame for 9-11, rather than actually doing something to prevent future attacks that would make 9-11 seem like a picnic. If I ever see one of those 9-11 commissioners complain about civil liberties being violated post-9-11 in pursuit of safety, you’ll see poor old John R. blow a gasket.

This piece [by Kathy Parker in the Jewish World Review] illustrates the insanity of the 9-11 hearings incredibly well, in a tongue-in-cheek way.

John R

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