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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Where are the “Investigative Journalists” when you need them?

If you’ve been looking for a reason to ripen with anger and outrage, look a little more closely at the U.N. oil-for-food kickback scheme. Where’s the mainstream media coverage on this unbelievable story?

The alleged motives for the oil-for-food program were certainly noble, as the Iraqi people were supposed to be enduring severe hardship because of the economic sanctions imposed on Saddam’s brutal regime. So to help in this “crisis,” the United Nations arranged for Iraq to sell limited quantities of oil. Proceeds would then be distributed in the form of food, medicine and other essentials designed to directly benefit the Iraqi people.

Sounds good right? Well as it turns out, in January, an Iraqi newspaper released the names of over 270 foreign nationals who reportedly accepted oil allocations and other direct kickbacks from Saddam in exchange for funneling billions of dollars to the dictator for his own nefarious uses – like aquiring weapons and slaughtering his own people. And low and behold, many of the 270 hailed from France, Russia and other countries that later led the “international community’s” opposition to the war. Estimates suggest Saddam and his ilk skimmed 10% or more from the $67 billion oil-for-food program. Saddam allegedly got away with as much as $5.7 billion more by using the program as a cover for an oil-smuggling operation. Whatever his sinister intentions were for using the ill-gotten gains, he likely expected that his beneficiaries in foreign governments and industries would serve to insulate him from any potential enemies who might move against him – and they certainly did try didn’t they?

Isn’t it absurd, that Spain and Honduras are withdrawing more than 1,000 troops from Iraq because the U.S.-led coalition has been unwilling to turn the job of rebuilding Iraq over to the United Nations? Portugal and now Poland are also considering withdrawals or troop reductions ostensibly for the same reasons. Shouldn't the “international community” take a little closer look at the U.N.’s track record in Iraq before giving them another chance to set up a criminal enterprise? Shouldn’t the media at least cover the story?

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