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Monday, May 24, 2004
A few E-mails from MMark on Investigations, “Super-Size Me” and the Pistons/Pacers…

Reader MMark writes:

Let’s just give away all our secrets, maybe the State of Israel should too, just to keep in good precedent. So there might have been some abuse of prisoners at a Delta Force (1st special forces group D detachment) camp...go figure. It seems that lawmakers are beginning to forget that you can't hold people forced into outlandishly violent circumstances, such as the Army's, Delta Force (or DOD, CIA, FBI, NSA, RBSS…), at the same standards as you can a man or woman who has lived in security and in a stable environment. If they punish these men, who have yet to be named, in the same manner that they would say a corporal in country for two months with the Florida National Guard, well then that’s just plain wrong and stupid. These men, who belong to a group of "soldiers" with two medal of honor winners in the past (couple of years shy) decade, are in regular correspondence with all three national and international intelligence groups, and they are quite frankly their arm of the government, well at least some of its agencies. When is the last time that you heard of a commander of the joint chief of staff referring to Delta Force, but now the press can do so casually? We must guard what is precious to us, when was the last time you ever heard of a CIA officer charged with abusing a prisoner? Why is it all right for Israel to assassinate people openly, but for us its wrong to interrogate them without all means necessary? The rules have changed, and they should. I know a guy who has a brother who is an Air Force Officer, he should ask him how many airbases he's been on that did not have a secure area? The Rules Should Change at least......

Mark, I may be missing your point. I certainly agree that the US press should take more care when it comes to revealing special forces (or any military for that matter) information, but as far as the military itself is concerned, I think people trained to perform interrogations should be held to a higher standard than a called up reservist, not a lesser standard. I also don’t see the correlation with Israel. The press certainly hasn’t given the proverbial thumbs up to their targeted take-outs of know terrorist leaders.

I recently read an article about the recently produced documentary director, who's name I've not had the pleasure of memorizing, who immortalizes fast food and its possible destructive effects on the human body. There is giant money at stake right now in the food business, and the hi carb, no carbs, lo carbs, some carbs, thing has become big business. I think that if privately produced films receive money from any publicly traded entity, then it should be acknowledged in the credits, to make it mandatory would be foolish, but to make it voluntary disclosure would make you look bad if you didn't.

Who is the documentary targeting anyway? Does anyone really need someone else to tell them that eating three meals a day at McDonalds (or any fast food restaurant for that matter) is a bad idea? Amazing what passes for thoughtful cultural commentary these days.

It will be cool to see these games, as what are the odds of a coach that your just fired (Pistons) coach would be coaching for the team your playing in the championships...human resources anyone?

I’m rooting for the Pacers. Of the four teams left, they’re really the only one I can tolerate.

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