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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
RE: Seething Anger

Another one from Scott, who's still having trouble getting access:

TJ - I couldn’t agree more. There was a total lack of professionalism by these guards. The sodomizing, human pyramids and sex acts are a gross departure from the American image. It was way below our standards and those idiots as you call them should be prosecuted, and if found guilty, then be dishonorably discharged and enjoy their prison time. Further, those in the chain of command (and I mean those on the ground at the prison) have to pay a price. They are guilty of either gross misconduct for ordering this stuff OR at the very least are guilty of losing control of their staffs. This cannot be tolerated. And, because we are the US, it won’t be tolerated.

By the way, it’s an insult to idiots everywhere because even idiots wouldn’t have taken their own pictures doing this stuff.

There are two unfortunate things going on at the same time:

1. the images we are seeing are being blown out of proportion by the media: so what if a dog barks at a naked guy to scare him; so what if someone is hooked up to wires that are not even live; and so what if women are yelling at men (welcome to our world).

2. As Tim Russert said on Hannity yesterday, there is no consistency with the reactions from Middle East and the rest of the world when something happens to Americans. He went on to ask where was the outrage from middle eastern people when Americans were mutilated and hung from a bridge.
As bad as things got in Abu Gharib, no one lost their life as far as we know.

People around the world wonder why the US has acted aggressively toward terrorists since 9/11. It’s because the extremist Islamists are worse than animals - animals kill out of necessity. These freaks are pure evil - they are literally 7 centuries behind the rest of the world.

The rest of the world needs to open up their eyes, put aside their hate and jealousy of America, and honestly take a look what’s going on. Al Qaeda tilted the Spanish election. I can’t believe the Europeans just keeled over. What an awful precedent! Western democracies should not give into terrorist demands ever. The US won’t, and damn the UN or EU or anyone else too stupid to realize that!

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