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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Seething Anger

I don't know about you, but after seeing the images of Michael Berg's killing, my resolve to win this war has never been greater. A key consideration: the guys who killed Berg are linked to Al Queda.

Believe what you want about Saadam's links to terror -- Iraq today is a key front in the war on terror. These guys who cut of Berg's head would just as soon use WMDs or chemical weapons on innocent civilians here in America.

I also have a solution that will end the concern about prisoner treatment. New policy: take no prisoners. You fire at an American, you raise your gun, you plot to kill innocent people --- you die.

The news here locally (last night at 11) had a piece on Berg's killing that spent more time talking about the prison controversy than Berg and Al Queda. The images they showed: naked Iraqi prisoners.

In all war, propaganda is a key tool of the enemy. Unfortunately, the media is not on our side. Quick rundown of images we are not allowed to see: (a) towers falling -- major news networks do not show this footage when discussing 9/11, after the first 48 hours they stopped showing it and have since shown it in only a few select programs; (b) people jumping out of buildings on 9/11 -- only one shot on NBC, one time. They apologized. You won't see it on Network tv again. (c) Daniel Pearl getting murdered on video (d) Berg getting murdered on video.

Images that you are allowed to see: a daily onslaught of images of naked iraqi prisoners masturbating, forming a human pyramid, lying on the ground in a dog collar, etc...

I have no problem with these images being out there, but I haven't been able to turn on the television for two weeks without seeing them.
This is enemy propaganda and it is sickening. It should be a two day story, with follow ups when each of these idiots are convicted.

My big problem with the images, to be honest, is not that we are "humiliating them". If it gets information out of them to have them stand around naked and be yelled and demeaned by women, I am all for it. But the human pyramid crap and the smiling faces and the pictures indicate this was an operation that was not done with even an ounce of professionalism.

Knowing how to break prisoners is an important part of military intelligence. But we can break them without putting dog collars on them and without sodomizing them. And we can certainly do this without creating an anything goes atmosphere that more resembles fraternity hazing than interrogation.

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