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Monday, May 17, 2004

• Before anyone pounces on me, yes, I know why we’re in Iraq and support it fully. And yes, the terrorism is expected, since democracy threatens their traditional power in the region. But does anyone else feel that it’s spinning out of control? Fully controlling a chaotic area like that is impossible, but we need steady good news on the Iraqi front.

• We’ve all seen the polls. But since Bush still leads (or is even with) Kerry while the majority of people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, does this help Bush (since the chips are down and he’s still doing OK) or hurt him (since Kerry is still ‘introducing’ himself to the country, and will be seen as the only alternative)?

• Does anyone get heartburn over jobs moving overseas? (I don’t)

• ‘Air America’ is imploding. (Smile)

• Anyone see the recent pics of Michael Moore? He’s as big as Ted Kennedy. And just as liberal, too.

• Where the heck has Nordlinger been?

• Happy First Day of Gay Marriage.

• I just finished the book John Adams by David McCullough. Great read. Hard to believe they don’t have a big monument in this city for this guy.

• I don’t care about the NBA. But I want the Flyers to win the Cup.

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