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Friday, June 25, 2004
Another From John R.

This site isn’t one of the rapid response digital brown shirts, is it? If I remember my history correctly, “brown shirts” refers to fascist Italy under Mussolini. Or maybe he means it to be the warm tones he tried to wear so unsuccessfully in the 2000 campaign, when he was trying to be the alpha male in the race? Whatever, Al. I do want to see the video however, and see at what points he chooses to whisper, scream, at what points does wipe that fevered brow with the towel, etc. Every time he makes a speech, it results in an uptick in some way for the Bush administration, either in polling, or in the removal of an issue from the campaign, etc. So, Al, please keep giving these colorful, nutty speeches of yours. Does he have any kids getting married soon? I’m anxious to see a story about the Bush campaign disrupting his kid’s wedding.

John - Gore may attack throughout the campaign. If he acts crazy (as he has shown a tendency to do), it will probably help Bush. If he appears level-headed, will it be a reminder that he won the popular vote?

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