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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
John R. Writes In:

Here’s a headline on Drudge, taken from Roll Call that explains a lot about that whacked LA Times poll result: LA Times Poll Had Sample With 38% Democrats, 25% Republicans.

That is unbelievable. Actually, I suppose it is believable, given the media’s unrelenting bias in its “hard news” reporting, and it’s obviously skewed poll samples.

So anybody who was down about that poll, you can cheer up. I’m amazed the race was even in the single digit range for Bush in that poll with that kind of disparity. I’m not saying we need to rest on our laurels in the effort to get Bush re-elected, but I am saying Bush is doing much better right now than the media will admit, especially with the recent and probable future troubles in Iraq. Now that the Iraq situation seems to be gradually improving on a month-to-month basis, Bush should do better, even in the skewed major media polling. However, I would like to see the administration communicate more with the American people about just how much better things are in Iraq, and why that improves our lives here. I think there are some major points to be made in this area that are not being made, at least not by the administration. Bush could do it himself, if he could just make himself a little more comfortable in those press briefings, where I think he excels. Also, the administration has done very little to toot its own horn on the economy, which is smoking right now. It’s quite possible that all the jobs lost during the recession could be re-gained by the time the election comes around, if the job growth of the last 9 months or so keeps up.

On Reagan’s passing: I cannot put into adequate words my grief on this. I turned 12 the week he was elected in 1980, and he was the major factor in my being a Republican and a conservative. His lifelong emphasis on God-given freedoms and therefore the dignity of every human life put him more in a league with our Founding Fathers than most 20th century politicians, in my opinion. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with the Reagan family, especially Nancy. She is a hero in my estimation, for staying with President Reagan in his decline and preserving his dignity in the public eye. We are blessed to have volumes of Reagan’s philosophy going back to the GE Theater days all the way through the early 1990’s, when we wish to remember the ideas and example of one of the most visionary leaders in American history.

John - I agree that Bush needs to get out front more. I would like to see more press briefings (at least one per month), but he's better in my opinion when he just has an impromptu session and lets it rip. On Reagan, I felt the same knot in my stomach that you get when losing a relative.

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