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Monday, June 14, 2004
Military Mark writes in on several subjects:

On TJ's 'What if Reagan Had Lost in 1980' piece:

A very well thought out and written piece on Reagan's importance towards the collapse of the Soviet Union. I generally just scan others posts, unless there from Jason, but yours I read word for word, and it was like looking at a painting; well said.


I think Jimmy Kimmel saying that Detroit should not win the championship because they will burn the city down was funny. His apology was even better. Something like, what I said at half-time was meant as a joke. Everyone knows that we here in L.A. hold the record for playoff riots, in fact, if the L.A. Lakers win I myself plan on overturning my own car.

On Movie Reviews

Big Fish is a movie that you can rent and watch in front of the kids, that is if your not trying to shield them from very brief non-sexual nudity. Its a good family film to keep in mind.

21 Grams is worth watching, but far away from the kiddies.

A very disturbing documentary to watch is Capturing The Friedmans, its a sick story told in an equally sick manner, good watching.

My favorite movie for the adults this posting is The Cooler starring William H. Macy and Alec Baldwin. Its a great love story but far from a chick flick, although the lassies will like it too.

Thanks for the flick updates Mark (but I don't watch anything with Baldwin in it).

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