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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Random Thoughts

The Early Handover - Simply brilliant. Just a few short weeks ago, Ted Kennedy and others were railing that we had "no plan" and no sense of who we would hand power off to. The reality was, we had a plan. We just weren't stupid enough to announce every detail of the plan in advance to our enemies, and make it easier for them to disrupt it. The administration has shown patience. Bush has made it clear that this is a long hard fight, but one that is ultimately worth it. There will be more dark days ahead, but Bush has stayed focused and the Iraqis now have the first opportunity to "pursue happiness" through fair and free elections. My guess is that the media will portray the first election results as a failure because the electorate in Iraq has become divided, after all, who can match the 100% showing that Saadam had in the last election?

Whatever Happened to the Left? My lefty friends have always claimed to be more compassionate for their fellow men than conservatives, they were the ones who cared about the oppressed peoples. Sure, there was plenty of lip service about how bad the taliban was and how bad Saadam is and how he needed to be toppled (the official US policy under the Clinton administration).... but when it came to actually doing something about it, all we were left with were empty platitudes instead of action. This is why the left wants to "solve" problems through the United Nations and the right wants to solve problems through the United States Marine Corps.

The difference between the UN approach and the Marine Corps approach? About 25 million free Iraqis, and about 25 million free Afghanis.

I know, that begs the question, should the US invade other brutal dictatorships and liberate their people -- absolutely. When it coincides with our national interest and is achievable, I say yes.

Let's start with Iran and make our way down the list. Why Iran? Here is why.

Michael Moore - C'mon guys. Nothing to say about Michael Moore. What is absolutely amazing to me isn't that this guy exists, but that he has been embraced by lots of mainstream political figures. This isn't just the congressional black caucus, which has embraced anti-semitism and anti-American rhetoric for years, it is the minority leader, the DNC, etc...

Why is it that they feel comfortable offering public support for a guy who, by his own words, thinks Americans are an ignorant, crappy people who are, in actually, the real terrorists? How can they feel comfortable offering public support for a guy who has said, publicly, that the Iraqi insurgents aren't the bad guys (we are!) and compared them to the minutemen -- a man who was most upset by Osama's failure to target Republicans in the 9/11 attacks instead of New Yorkers?

The popularity of Moore's movie -- 2nd all time documentary behind Jackass, fittingly -- is not, as the left might suggest, bad news for Republicans in this year's election. It is, however, evidence that they have become increasingly unhinged and irresponsible. That is not a recipe for electoral success.

It isn't a shock to see it from the Europeans, or the hollywood or media elites, but the mainstream democrats too. Lots of people who I previously considered rational and reasonable people, have gone quite unhinged.

I think that Moore, and those who cheer him, are demonstrating their contempt for everyday Americans. Sure, we aren't quite as smart, as cultured, or as socially conscious as they are. We naiively buy into the idea that America is a good, moral and decent country. We think that our culture is better than the culture that produced, and cheered, Osama bin Laden. We may disagree with our political opponents, but we know they are not the enemy. For those who buy into Michael Moore and his conspiracy theories, it is increasingly clear that we, Republicans, are the enemy.

I am very depressed about it. Not because we will lose the election. The left will only become further unhinged the closer we get to election day. That is why the President is holding his ground in the polls despite an onslaught of negative attacks that have not been seen since the days of Lincoln.

The depression is from the realization that this is only getting worse. The blue state/red state divisons are getting more prounounced. In recent years, we have seen increasing evidence that the other side will not respect the rule of law if things do not go their way -- consider the unprecedented blocking of Republcian judges by Democrats in the Senate and the gay marriage debacle (and I am for gay marriages) and I think you can see where this is headed in Bush's second term. This sort of division, these sorts of hatreds, and these sorts of tactics have only one parallel in our nation's history, and that did not go well.

Do you think I am being dramatic? Maybe. But if these people actually believe that we invaded Afghanistan for oil, and that we allowed Osama Bin Laden to plow planes into the WTC so we can make money on defense contracts, then what good reason do we have to expect them to remain loyal to a Republic they view as fundamentally corrupt?

We are in a time of war and Michael Moore is rooting for the other side with people we know and respect supporting him. That is just downright depressing.

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