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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hmmmmmm - CT Governor resigns. IL GOP Senate candidate accused of being a pervert by ex-wife (Skip - contain yourself...she's a Star Trek actress too!). Clinton's book is out and he gets ticked in England.

Checked my calendar - and sure enough, it's silly season!!

Need another Governor to come out and admit to an affair before the season can be declared in full swing. Note: KY and WV have used up their "My Governor had an affair" card.

As far TJ and his readers who don't like my attacks on Teresa Heinz Kerry - too bad. Don't read the site. Get a sense of humor. "I think Ad Hominem attacks on her are out of line, no matter how annoying she is. I do think that there are some substantive things that are fair game..." - I think is baloney. She is too close to this election and the power elitists in DC to be left alone. I don't trust this woman, and question her motivations. Beyond her contibutions to organizations that celebrate terrorist killings, there is A LOT that can be said about her reluctance to release her tax records - especially since she has loaned the campaign money, going so far as to mortgage one of their homes for campaign cash. There are Presidents (both R and D), Senators, Cabinet members, and other politicians with strong willed, power hungry, often manipulative husbands and wives, who do have an impact on public policy and therefore are fair game. Think of Presidents #28, 32, 40, 42, maybe even 41.

And no comment on my "fair" comment regarding the decision by the Kerry camp to put her on paid media???

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