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Monday, July 12, 2004
Do We Need More Allies Like This?

Is there anything more pathetic than a government official begging the terrorists for mercy and agreeing to do their bidding? I don't see what effect this could possibly have other than encouraging the terrorists to continue kidnapping people. First Spain, now the Philippines -- that's two, count em, two countries that have backed down to the terrorists.

Kind of makes you sick to think about this kind of cowardice, given the courage shown by the Italian hostage who said, "Let me show you how an Italian dies" and struggled to take off his blindfold as he was shot dead at point blank range. This Phillipino may live, but 10 or 100 or 1000 more innocent people will die in his place because they backed down to the terrorists. Disgusting.

The Wall

In more positive news, the Israelis responded appropriately to the World Court decision to call the wall "illegal." In my local paper they lead with a headline that said "World Court Tells Israel: Tear Down This Wall" -- a direct allusion to Reagan's words at the Berlin Wall. Absolutely shameful coverage and editorializing in a "news" report. The fact is, the Israelis are not keeping Palestinian's hostage inside the wall, they have built the wall to protect themselves from external enemies and they have built the wall, in part, on land captured when their enemies illegally blockaded them and made war against them thirty years ago. It is comparable to the Mexicans sending over suicide bombers to Texas and then complaining when the Texans built a wall to protect themselves from it. If they can't tell the difference between a wall meant to keep people out and a wall meant to keep people in, they don't understand the difference between the door locks on my house and the locks on a prison cell.

Good for the Israelis that they have kept building. They understand our enemy.

As an aside, from what we know of our "allies" like France and Germany and the others who participate in these world bodies that constantly attack us -- you have to wonder if they had the military capability,would they make actual war on us and the Israelis, rather than engaging in a pseudo-war of words and bureaucratic nonsense?

Thankfully, they are too sissified and socialistic to participate in and pay for their own military protection. But you have to think, what would they do, if they could?

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