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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Military Mark Tells Our Nation's Future

So we need to attack Iran in the near future, Iraq was a good start, and it even starts with I, but we really should have used our once superpower strength to beat up Iran first, as the hijackers apparently found it user friendly.  So we will need to do that sometime in the near future.  I think that we also need to invade Korea once and for all.  I am quite sure that as nearly everything I pick up in my house is made in china, that the Chinese might somehow appreciate our liberal trading and stay the hell out of the fight.  I also think that we should eventually invade Cuba just for kicks, I would expect little resistance in that brief skirmish.  I also think that Saudi Arabia needs to stay on our radar, from now on we should not ask them if we can use there country to kick off an invasion...oh that's right, we never have to again because we took down Iraq, another benefit of that blunder. So here is how we accomplish all these invasions.

 1.  Institute a draft, with no college exception.  It should be at least a two year tour seeing that we showed the one year tour doesn't work, and we showed that of course in Vietnam.
 2.  Tax, Tax, Tax.  I propose a liberty tax which would cover everything from cigarettes and beer, to rubber products and deodorant.  It will hurt a little, but we need to rebuild ourselves into the superpower that we once were.
 3  ration fossil fuels so that our military will have enough fuel to fight 24 hours a day for ten years.
 4.  Drill anywhere we want, and tell the environmentalists its a matter of national security.
 5.  Give All taxpayer jobs a significant pay cut so that we  can afford more civilian federal employee's to ready our troops for combat.
 6.  Make all soldiers, draftee's, and careerists pay tax free.  It will make the draft and the low military pay hurt a little less.
 7.  One operational vehicle per family.
 9.  All non-essential electricity should be shut off at midnight and turned back on at 4 am daily, the only thing it will hurt is the utility companies profits.
10.  activate all national guardsmen indefinitely and make it there sole responsibility to secure our nations borders, and whatever we do keep them from being directly controlled by Tom Ridge, so they can do there job correctly.
11.  Make the navy an all female force, O.k. I just threw that one in, like the Tom Ridge comment.
12.  Lots and lots of new taxes, the more you make the more you wish you were drafted so that you wouldn't pay taxes.

I'm not even going to try.  There's too many targets here.  However, as a military guy, I was surprised at your line "we should eventually invade Cuba just for kicks," since you're making light of a scenario in which we would surely take casualties.  

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