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Monday, July 26, 2004
MMark and friend…

With all due respect, get over yourselves. The nation is not in dire need of six mid thirties gainfully employed fathers. It just isn’t. If you polled the top 1000 members of both our government and our military, I’d be stunned if ANY of them would expect or want anything but our support and our continuing to do what we do everyday. A few minor corrections to your post Rafael:

… a guy like Mark, who may himself end up physically on the ground in a fire fight is not as gung ho about starting wars as you are.

Obviously you weren’t here with us for the “let’s nuke Pakistan discussion.”

…draft dodger presidents…” - “…lied to by our government about the necessity of the current Iraq war.” - “Afghanistan and Iraq are not now, nor have they ever been a threat to this country.” – “…our supremely incompetent president is squandering our money, military power and prestige in this pointless Iraq war, and spending our nation into bankruptcy, turning our country into an international pariah…” – “The gutting of our schools - something our C-student president has little appreciation for - will hamper our nation for a generation. The fact that our health care system is the most expensive and least efficient in the world is another. The difficulty that employers currently have in finding health care for their workers…”

Now these would be absurdly amusing enough, even if they weren’t followed by:

Like you I'm a conservative…

I mean seriously, this is type stuff. It’s juvenile, irrational and baseless – not pieces of it, all of it. Sip was far to kind in his apologizing for not getting to all of the “points” in your post, to do so would be both pointless and a waist of time – everything you’ve said is unsubstantiated sludge.

But again, thanks for writing in.

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