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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
MMark’s back, and he’s looking for some volunteers…

I was wondering what percentage of the SCG's and their readers fit these criteria:

1) Age 35 or younger
2) No serious physical defects
3) Good moral standing

If you’re older then 35 don't worry, as long as you’re not right on top of forty you can obtain a waiver.

I think that all Americans who support the president of the United States should enlist in the fighting forces of the USA. Many of the SCG's might even qualify for a commission! If you don't support the current war efforts and those that will surely come if George Bush is reelected, then you are of course excused, but if you are a supporter of his then it is your right to sign up, and do so quickly. I myself am returning to duty in the National Guard, just like our president did during Vietnam! I understand that many of you have families and challenging high paying work, but understand that those are your worries, and your country needs you. I know that one of you SCG's brothers is in college right now, and he has even contributed to this site. Does he support the war? Well then get him to sign up! Jason you could easily get a waiver, so what are you waiting for? I've actually considered adopting a needy 17 year old just to get him to sign up. Let's show that fat bastard Moore that the conservatives are not a bunch of Chicken Hawks, and that we too are ready to fight.

I also propose lowering and raising the age to serve. I think that lowering the age to 16, while at the same time raising the age to 50 is fair. We should also let women into ground combat, as they compose such a large number of our forces already we would be silly to not let them fight. We don't even need to be thinking about a draft with all the support the President has for this war, all we need is a little sacrifice from some of our countrymen. So if you support the President and the conflict with Iraq then stop being such a Chicken Hawk and sign up. If it’s good for the goose…

Your excuses will be appreciated but not accepted. You call yourself a patriot...well what are you waiting for?

Mark, this is just plain silly and I’m surprised to hear you even make the argument. We have an all volunteer military for good reasons, and I certainly hope it will stay that way until such time as the country and the world are in desperate need for more bodies to defend the forces of freedom over the forces of tyranny – whomever they may be. We’re certainly not at that point now, and I don’t believe we will be in the foreseeable future. Rest assured, if we were, I would accept my induction at 35, 45, or 55 if the military and our leadership deemed I would be of use.

Many people choose the military as a profession for either a portion or all of their working years. I find this admirable and noble and have the greatest respect for those individuals – yourself included. I have friends and family that choose this path. I didn’t. I choose a different career path, as did many, many others who are gainfully employed and help keep the wheels of the most important economic machine in the world rolling on a daily basis. It would serve no one; not the Republican Party, not the conservative movement, not the military, not the country, not the world; for me or anyone else – especially en masse – to disrupt our families, our communities, our employers and our industries to up and join the military at a time when such a disruption is simply not necessary. There are things we can all do on daily basis to support our military – and it’s commander in chief – without shaking things up to the degree that you are asking. Maybe you’re just kidding, I hope so.

Jason (chicken hawk?)

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