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Monday, July 12, 2004
The NAACP – you know, the “civil rights” group…

That’s how the media refers to the NAACP when relaying the story of Kerry (amongst others) chastising the President for declining to speak in front of this group that has plainly referred to the President as a murderer. Even back when he was Governor of Texas they put out ads saying that then Governor Bush’s failure to support “Hate Crimes” legislation amounted to killing James Byrd all over again. Would you speak in front of this group? Seriously, this group stopped being about the “advancement of colored people” along time ago. This group is now the primary peddler of racial division in the country.

By the way, remember then Presidential Candidate Bush’s reaction to the charge that he wasn’t tough enough on hate crimes following the dragging murder of James Byrd when he was Governor of Texas? “Well I executed his killers, what more could I do to them?” He does have his moments our President.

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