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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Nice to see Charles Krauthammer back to reality…

Great piece published originally on June 9th and also over the weekend in several papers. The closing line sums up the unfortunate prevailing attitude of the day very well:

We are now deeply engaged in a breastbeating exercise for not having connected the dots before 9/11. And yet here we are three years after 9/11, the dots already connected themselves, and we are under a powerful urge to ignore them completely.

As I said, a great piece, and a far cry from a few of the heavy-handed curmudgeon-like pieces I recall seeing during my time away. First it was his pushing for a government imposed $3/gallon gas price “floor.” I mean what the hell was that? Then he was moaning about the WWII memorial and saying it isn’t good or artistic or profound enough. I mean even if that’s true, it’s done right, does he need to spend a column complaining about it and stirring the pot? I guess that’s what commentators do, but jeesh, it’s certainly better than what we used to have right?

Whatever. He’s still a genius. I guess we all get things wrong once and a while (like Sip with sports).

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