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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Welcome back Jay. Good to see that your refreshed. Always good to come back to the good old USA after a golf trip to a Third World Nation.

Sip, I'm with Jay. Is there any team you don't like? I suppose you liked the Cowboys and the Canadians at one time, probably skipped around the neighborhood in the late '70's singing "We Are Family", maybe even cheered for the Pats when you lived in New England, and I'm sure you love Notre Dame.

I respect Coach K but hate Duke and all of their smarmy fans almost as much as I hate ND and their fans. Laettner is a bum. He has been an overpayed washout in the NBA and has a drug habit.

And by the way, even though they held back promising high school athletes to improve their teams, like they did with Laettner and the Torgalski's, we used to wupp up on Nichols like we did your Daisy boys down on Delaware.

Good to see the Cards are tearing up the National League. Classy team, classy organization - favorite team since childhood.

Pray for a warm winter. Bush fans have to hope there is no cold snap in the mid-West in the fall. Home heating oil futures are extremely expensive. Coal stocks are down and prices are rising. Natural gas supplies will be there - but demand is high and the reserves are being filled today with very expensive fuel, and will therefore cost you more come fall and winter. Thank Tom and other folks along the coast for their Nimbyism and send him your bills.

I will certainly be in NY for the Convention. I'm going up on August 22nd and will be there - hazy, hot and humid - through to the end. Will give you some updates and we'll have to figure our how to meet up.

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