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Monday, July 26, 2004
So anyway…

A few sporting notes:

Lance is seriously the man. It’s not just that it’s sweet to see an American (a Texan no less) win France’s preeminent sporting event – although it is sweet. The Tour de France is probably the most grueling annual sporting event there is. I know a couple of avid cyclists, and the conditioning required for one race is stunning. Twenty races over 22 days - with eight up a mountain - I can’t even fathom. I’ve watched the tour the last three years and this year was certainly his most dominant. He was calculating and ruthless any time he sensed weakness in the few riders he considered threats. He certainly looked like he could win it two or three more times if he wants to. Just really, really impressive.

Red Sox v. Stankees
I hate, hate the Yankees. Sip, did you see the two nationally televised games this weekend? I demand that you choose sides right now. I need to know whether I should buy you a beer or throw one at you the next time I see you. BTW, certainly you’ve all heard that John Kerry was at the game last night. Now I know that most politicians get booed when they go out on the field, but it sure was nice to hear it coming from the Boston crowd just a few blocks and day away from the DNC. Even with several sections of supporters in the stands, the boos more than drowned out any cheers he may have gotten.

I hate the Dolphins too, so it’s nice that the Pats primary AFC East rival is going through hard times. Retiring at 27? Got to be more to the story.

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