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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Thoughts on Coach K from Faithful Reader John R.

Good points on Coach K (I will not try to spell his name), Jason. I really, REALLY hate Duke, being a rabid Kentucky fan. But here’s an example of Coach K’s class: After that famous game where Laettner drove a dagger in the hearts of all UK fans with that sick shot at the foul line with 0.5 second left in the regional final game of the 1992 tournament (not to mention literally stepping on a UK player’s stomach when he was on his back), I was almost literally sick to my stomach, I was so shocked and angry. But Coach K knew that it was also the end of an era for UK fans, the final game of UK’s legendary radio play-by-play announcer, Cawood Ledford, a man all UK fans loved. After the game, Coach K walked right over to UK’s radio booth and spent about 5 minutes doing nothing but complimenting Cawood on his extraordinary career. As much as I felt like crying about the loss, I was quite moved by that gesture of kindness. I still hate Duke with a white-hot passion, but Coach K always seems to exhibit class and character, such as saying no to all the $$$ he could have had in LA, to stay where he is, excelling every year. I just wish Rick Pitino had chosen the same route instead of leaving UK for the NBA bright lights in 1998. I thought surely LA would have signed Ricky P. to coach out there. He’d have been a perfect fit. Just look what he did for the Celtics

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