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Monday, July 12, 2004

1. I'm back from 10 days off. Glad to see Jason back too. JPC and TJ are consistent. Scott has new twins, so he's busy. Tom? Tom???

2. I'm not a Duke hater. Especially since Laettner is not only from Buffalo, but from my parents very town. My (great) high school played his (Nichols), and he was a standout then. Maybe JPC's (wussy) high school played Nichols too.

3. The election is four months away. It's time for one of the campaigns to break away with momentum. Will it be candidate ideas or world events that causes it?

4. Anyone else worried about a President Kerry? I know Jason is not. I think Bush will win, but I also thought there was no possible chance Gov. Clinton could win, and he did.

5. Something I read not long ago was that on January 20, 1981, there were two Ronald Reagans and two George Bushes on the Inaugural podium. Interesting. It turns out that Ronald Reagan the elder became the president. George Bush the elder became the president. The younger George Bush became the president. The younger Ronald Reagan will address the Democratic National Convention.

6. Speaking of National Conventions, who's in for the Republican National Convention in New York City? We've got the rooms!!

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