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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Kennedy Pops His Cork

Although the source of this report, CBS News, is suspect, it appears Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Chappaquidick) has accused Republicans of being "Anti-American". Gosh, isn't this the sort of beyond the pale rhetoric that Senator Cleland (D-Forgeries) is always falsely accusing Republicans of?

It gets better. In the very next sentence after he impugns the patriotism of Republicans, he accuses them of McCarthyism:

"It's a campaign of anger and insult," Kennedy said. "And the most egregious examples are the examples of Vice President Cheney. When he even goes on to suggest that the al Qaeda wants John Kerry to win, that is the most outrageous charge. It's the most anti-American — it's McCarthyism of the first order."

That's rich. Perhaps we need to re-form McCarthy's House Unamerican Activities Committee to investigate the conduct of Republicans.

Unbelievable. Of course, all the charges of Un-American that are being thrown out by Democrats may just be projection. Read what a patriotic liberal Christopher Hitchens has to say.

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