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Monday, September 27, 2004
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

The mainstream media will not use the opportunity created by the Rathergate incident as the launching point for real reform of the way they do business. In a funny way, they may use this opportunity to get even more partisan, believing (incorrectly) that the crisis in confidence that their behavior has created couldn't possibly get any worse.

They realize that the election of George W. Bush would be a huge blow to them. They have worked like crazy to undermine this administration (and are still doing it). If Bush wins despite them, it will be just more evidence that the mainstream media is irrelevant. They can't have that, so they are going to go to the wall to elect Kerry.

The efforts by the NYTimes and others to casually dismiss the Swift Vets charges is a case in point. (Note: Beldar recently issued a challenge related to this). Contrast this with the press' standard for Bush: any baseless charge is true unless proved to be false. It "raises unanswered questions" or leads us to think that "where there is smoke...". Even false documents are said to be "essentially true" -- whatever that means.

Another example: the media's effort to create a controversy whenever a Bush supporter says that Kerry's policies would make us more vulnerable to terror. The phony furor about the Cheney comments is a good example. Not a day goes by without Kerry or one of his surrogates making the exact same charge and crossing the line even further by questioning Bush or Cheney's patriotism. Ted Kennedy is the latest example. My prediction on the mainstream media's reaction to this: crickets.

My expectation is that, no matter what happens on Thursday night, the mainstream media will slam the president hard. "What was wrong with George W. Bush?! Bush didn't seem prepared, etc..." Bush has to be perfect because any verbal miscue or hesitation will be pounced on -- not by the loony left -- but by the ostensibly "neutral" news media.

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