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Monday, February 28, 2005
Blogger SAT Time

RaTHergate is to CBS as:
a. Al Qaqaa is to the New York Times and CBS
b. The Plame Affair is to the New York Times
c. Richard Clark is to the New York Times
d. All of the above

The answer of course is (d). Like CBS, the New York Times became a shill for Democratic schemes to cut into the President's advantage on national security in the months (and in the case of Al Qaqaa, days) leading up to the election.

Each one of these "scandals" failed to hold up over time and will be remembered for what they tell us about the failures of the American media, instead of the failures of the Bush administration.

NRO is on the case on Al Qaqaa today. Read Byron York's column
and then check out Cliff May's comments in The Corner.

As York points out, the NYT ran countless stories on Al Qaqaa right up to election day and then, surprisingly, lost interest.

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