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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Friday Open Thread

In the spirit of "open line friday" - I want to open the floor to our small but dedicated group of readers (all 7 of you) and encourage people to post their own comments and raise their own issues for consideration and, hopefully, discussion. It is a small site right now, in terms of readership (down to 6 if I keep rambling), but, if you are reading, I hope you will participate and post something (hopefully something witty and entertaining). A liberal Point of View is especially welcomed.

The President George W. stopped at a convient store in Virginia and bumped into Doug Weed, The President wisperd into Dougs ear and said: " Do you know when your home and the phone isn't ringing?
That's me Doug, not calling."

Not my line and taken from a sitcom, but it applies here.
You and the rest of the blind followers of the SIX CONSERVATIVE GUY'S should explain away some issues.
What is up with Bush senior and Clinton? Why does Bush so much want to keep the borders a pipeline of illegals? Why have we not yet attacked Iran and North Korea? Who is going to be able to beat the dems in 2008? Tell me one scenario in which the Chinese miltary could not beat our military face to face, and then answer the question all Americans should ask...why?
On Doug Wead - I don't think this ends up hurting Bush at all. It turns out that Bush is exactly the same guy in person behind the scenes as he appears to be. Anybody think the same can be said of Kerry?
On Clinton and Bush travelling together. I can't help but think of the movie with Jack Lemon and James Garner ("My Fellow Americans") who play, essentially, President's George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton and they are forced to run away from a sinister plot orchestrated by Dan Akroyd (whose character is essentially Dan Quayle). Pretty funny stuff. I don't know if it has any significance. The Tsunami was probably the worst natural disaster in recorded history, so I think we have to take some things at face value - what better way to bring people together for a good cause, symbolically at least.
On Immigration - Both parties are dead wrong on immigration. This will change. Unfortunately, it will change after terrorists use our border with Mexico as an entry point to kill thousands. Until that happens, no party will be willing to alienate the Hispanic population. The reality is, the future of our country will be decided by whether the Hispanic population follows the political trajectory of blacks or Italians. If they are assimilated, they will vote like Italians. If they remain a separate culture within America, they will vote like black people generally do, monolithically Democrat. Neither party is willing to risk becoming the anti-Hispanic party. The Republicans have made a lot of progress in the past 5 years under Bush and he just isn't going to throw that away. I don't agree with him on it, but his position reflects the dilemma faced by both parties. When the terrorists eventually do strike from the Southern border, the whole dynamic will shift. Notice I said "when," not "if."
On the remainder of MMark's points:
(1) Iran and N. Korea - I am all for rolling into Iran, as I have said repeatedly on this site. I think we have to take the axis of evil out one at a time, however, and I think we have to take each situation individually -- war IS sometimes the answer, but not always. I am surprised you would disagree on that.

(2) Condi/Martinez or Condi/Jeb Bush would be a great ticket if you ask me. Lock up Florida. Cut into the black vote. My favorite scenerio is that Cheney steps down for Rice to be VP (Bush/Rice) then Rice runs with Jeb (Rice/Bush). But I think W is more concerned with accomplishments during his 8 years and will want Cheney on board for the duration unless Cheney's health deteriorates.
Forgot China - I think you raise a good point about the potential danger we face from the Chinese military. That's why missile defense is so damn important. At the end of the day, though, a country has to have the resources to devote to war. That requires prosperity. What sank the Germans (both times) was that they ran out of the resources needed for war (oil, ammunition, etc...). Yes, manpower also became an issue (and wouldn't presumably for China) but I think manpower on the modern battlefield is much less important than how effectively you project the forces you have.
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